Sunday, November 12, 2006


I know how gay guys are, gays guys are visual creatures so I have to start with pics of hot guys first and then I can go into my venting process. This is a pic of Damien Crosse(hell of a guy) We at the Titan Family are a close bunch of guys. Out of all the models Me and Damien have spent the most time together. And I really dig this guy(not in a sexual way either)hes funny down to earth and like myself up for anything. I never give credit to another model so I will start doing so by starting with Damien first. We are both tops so us working together is a tricky thing(Im cool with just being his friend)

So to answer ur questions before U even ask them. No we havent slept together. No we havent done a scene together. No we are not dating. I dont want to have sex with him. Nor does he want sex with me. Geez so thats that. We get along great, and he plans to move to New York(so get ready for him)
Now next subject, venting time. Im in Fort Lauderdale and someone sends my a copy of a Dvd that im performing in by another company. And u guys have also brought to my attention that this East Coast Porn Producer has me streaming on his site. Well kids, M.L. the producer of my "Audition Tape", is a money hungry dog. Not only did I film this scene almost two years ago I wasnt in top physical condition, I was only given 5mins prior to the shot to be introduced to my scene partner. Needless to say, the work is low quality, Me and other model didnt have any time to bulid any chemistry, and it was poorly produced. This is a nasty business, and for someone to put out poor quality work to ride the money wave is showing how greedy a person is. Now this might burn a bridge with this company but I really dont give a shit. I hear both sides of the story, I was paided for my work and he has all the rights to use it, granted this is true. But why wait almost two years to put out the scene. In that time, he has put out 7 or 8 audition tapes already. And I guess he has gotten word that i signed with a better company than his by far!!!! And is hoping to get his pockets alittle heavier by riding my wave(sounds conceited I know). I wont give the satisfaction by naming him or the dvd that is out. If u people buy the dvd, its not supporting me or my cause. He had his chance to sign me and waited too long and didnt believe in me as a performer. Im very happy and proud that I work for Titanmedia, and I will continue to push the limits on good porn and making my work shine bright. The nerve of some people in this business. AND ON THE RECORD I knew this guy was an asshole cause he brought me in his office two days before the shoot to talk to me(I mean my dick was the microphone, and he had alot to say on the microphone while laying on his back on the floor of his office)casting couch special I guess. But thank god i didnt catch this dogs fleas. SUCK ON THAT BITCH OH I FORGOT HE ALREADY DID

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Steven said...

Just wanted to say that I just looked at your blog and I am impressed by the work your doing. I'm a young black man (26) and often the black porn that I see . . . I'm not impressed with but I'm glad to see what you are doing your thing and doing it well. It's funny how we are similiar in the sense of I'm an only child too and struggled (and still struggle) with some of the same insecurities and problems you had to deal with in your childhood. So it is cool to see you raise above it all and be the man that you are now. Hope to see more of you.