Saturday, November 11, 2006


Okay Okay, U guys read way too much into my bloggings wow. In "ITS TIME TO OPEN UP" I vent about always being used for sex. And u guys, sent so many emails stating ur opinions about the subject, I have to clear up some things. PEOPLE PEOPLE I write this blog as "MY" means of venting about things that are important to me. Some of u guys say I should be happy that Im blessed with certain things and should just live life and enjoy. And then some of ya really get involved in my business about wanting to find happiness. Again these are my opinions, fuck u to the guys that just want to see my pics and never read the blogs. I know I know some of my blogs are pretty boring and tame. But never forget, Im human, porn aside and industry aside I have feelings and dreams so writing a blog lets me open up and gives some insight. Finding friends has been difficult, since im getting more involved in the business, people are starting to notice me and its hard shaking the feeling that ur being watched alot on the street. Stalkings are nothing new to me but U guys are really starting to get annoying now!!! I wont come at u guys with attutide if u give me alittle breathing room. Following me down the street, or in the club gets old. Staring at me with nothing to say is fucking rude. Although I do porn(and have alot of fun doing it)I WILL NOT I REPEAT WILL NOT PULL MY COCK OUT AT THE CLUB JUST CAUSE U ASKED TO SEE IT!!! Grabbing at my cock or ass might get ya punched in the face. Im no thug or homeboy Im a man simply that.
Sometimes I dont want to write this blog anymore, I reached my goals that I set out for already. The main goal of the blog was to use it to see my climb to the top(Im not even close to my peak yet)Im getting there quickly so the use of this blog has almost reached its ending. Its hard to believe that I have been writing this blog for almost a year now wow. But for those who read all the bloggings U should notice that I started writing this blog from the perspective of not knowing the business and lacking direction and wanting to start my porno thing. Things have came full circle now. Its funny I went from working the Hustlaball as a go go dancer and watching the real porno stars interact with the crowd. To going to Las Vegas as a porn star myself, being behind the Titan booth interacting with the crowd and getting my chance to shine. Im finding it harder and harder to come up with stuff to write about. Im still fresh in this business although I have done 4 movies so far this year. I had my taste of traveling and hitting the club circuit by hitting up Fort Lauderdale. U people can expect me to do alot of traveling next year to promote myself as a dancer/porn star. But to finish this blog, U guys know by now I love the attention Im getting lately although can be a pain the ass sometimes I love it. I will continue to write this blog when I have something interesting to say or more pics to share with u guys. So just read the blog, look at the pics for now and wait for more things to come in the future. 2007 is set to be a big year for me, I still will have movies coming out and doing more traveling. I will announce more things as they come available to me. Just remember, Im a only child no brothers or sisters so im used to being alone. As much as I want to make friends, I can live alone, do things bymyself, and still have a good time. In reality, true friends are hard to find anyway, we all have assoicates(people who we party with, hangout with)but I have tons of those. Some one who I can trust, doesnt have an agenda, or who doesnt judge me, is the hardest thing to find. I just had to clear up some things SUCK ON THAT DICK BITCH


Markus Ram said...

I fuckin' get it totally man. Me thinks that are experiences with blogging and porn are very similar. So... if anyone has issues with what you do and write, they can kiss yo beautiful ass! Right?! ;) Just keep on being you!

Harlem Artist said...

Man I certainly hope that you will continue to write the blog. I have not seen any of your films as of yet, just a couple of trailers, but I'm more fascinated by your sharing of your experience. Attitudes about sex and sexuality are changing, and you seem to have a healthy attitude about what you do, as well you should. Im an only child too bro and I am aware of the countless hours spent thinking and figuring how to be self reliant. Live your life dude! I applaud your courage. Looking forward to reading more about you. Much success!