Thursday, November 30, 2006


Well its time for another post, but first happy belated thanksgiving(and all that crap). So things are fine with me and Im just hanging out and enjoying the new found attention. To those who read my blog daily understand that HITCH AND FOLSOM FILTH are already out there and gaining in speed of arrive and even quicker with their departure from the shelves LOL. To those new readers just seeing this blog for the first time, IM DOING PORN AND THIS IS MY BLOG OR JOURNAL OF MY ADVENTURES(PORN ONLY!!) Thanks for all the emails wishing me well in this new venture. So what else is new????Pretty much still working(yes I have a real job) still part time my other job, and Im just having fun. I finally realize what it must be to be a actor. We have our favorite actors, and when we dont see them, we think "Oh they must have fallen off the radar, Or they are working on a new projects, Or just hanging out waiting for scripts" In my case Im in heavy training for Las Vegas hitting up the gym seriously and really working hard at my craft. As far as projects goes, Cop Shack the part two of Cop Shack101 is in the can, and Boiler was my last project to date. I have nothing set for the rest of the year and the only thing on my mind is Las Vegas. This pretty much sounds like the last blog I wrote but when people ask ya the same questions(in emails) I feel im writing about the same shit.
Okay we are going in another direction right now!!! One fan mail I recieved a few weeks ago had asked a simple question that nobody asks. "We know that u do porn and what got ya into porn from reading ur posts, But the question I wanted to know what got ya into S/M play??????"
So I will give an honest answer, most people think Diesel is the guy that came from nowhere and just picked all this up and threw on some leather growl some and act mean and thats it. Oh on the contrary folks I was home grown. I naturally have a aggressive side to me, but that doesnt mean that I go around smacking people cause Im big and hit hard and know how to fight. It wasnt the leather, it wasnt about the money, or that I was this Sex Demi God. ITS ABOUT CONTROL!!!! Having the knowledge of making guys/boys submit is such a turn on. Wheter My Height, or Body size has anything to do with it, I like the fact that its more mental then physical for me. Seeing someone submit to ya, is very exciting and knowing that u have this persons life in ur hands is such a major high for me. Some people put on leather and then believe that they are a Master or Daddy. Which is fine, everybody wants to play dress up but how many of them can tie knots, flog, spank, tickle torture, breathe control etc etc etc. My Folsom movie only displayed the Power(of me fucking) water sports, cocky verbal behavoir. Diesel is more lethal in his attacks behind closed doors, I use the boy's mind and twist his emotions and use them against him. I could go on and on about tactics, being aware of ur subject limits. But this is more complex, then putting on some leather and fucking in a sling thats easy. Keeping Control through media outlets when the person is not around is much harder, U have to be attention to detail all the time when dealing with Boys/Men/Slaves under ur control. Dealing with one timers is easy but keeping a boy 24/7 much more difficult, but that is another story(I just might blog about that in future)
Besides Control, TRUST big factor in any relationship(wheter S/M, or Personal relationship) The person is trusting ya with their body and mind to use for ur pleasure(also theirs) But the Slave/Master, Daddy/Son relationship are very complex and varies with each couple(group)or how ever many people in ur stable that u have. Simple answer to explain the S/M community LOOK IT UP!!!! Everybody has a opinion or website about S/M. Myself I wanted to learn how to be the Best Leatherman I could be. So I trained with the Old Guard of Leathermen. MASTER LOU is his name, hes about 60plus years old. This man has so much equipment that it requires rooms of space. Being curious, I brought slaves wanting to submit to me striaght to Master Lou(such a good trade off I brought him young slaves and boys and he taught me ways of a Leatherman) and he taught me step by step, knotting, roping, breathe control, and fisting all hands on, the best way to learn. I branched out and created my own stable of boys. Yeah I know I left out alot but geez people I cant write every thought down about my past I could write a book about it all. So that what get me into the Leather play. But I think Im good at alot of things sexually S/M, Romantic side(still hasnt came to film yet but it will)Kinky, Fetish and Wild side. People remember Diesel Washington is my alter ego, I write about only one side of me. I have put emotion in some of my other posting but the other side who is not Diesel will remain private. Privacy is one of the main things u lose in this business. People see ya naked, fucking, pissing, fisting people. I think I can hold off about talking about some things to remain sane. People always ask "Is Diesel ur real name"of course its not come on people. Visual, its all about a visual image people have of ya. They see pics, and all these thoughts come to mind. "I wonder what hes really like???" "He seems to be mean can he be gentle at all??" "When I look into ur eyes can I tell ur really sweet and nice and put on this front, like ur all hard but probably a teddy bear". BAH BAH BAH This might come off wrong but U DONT KNOW ME!! SOME OF YA WILL NEVER MEET ME, AND IF U DO MEET ME I NEVER LET DOWN MY GUARD. Sometimes I think I have 5 different personalities(sounds nuts I know) On screen I have the personality of Diesel Washington(for shows, appearances, porn industry) With my mom, I have another personality(everybody does). When in a relationship I have that relationship personality(cause u have to compromise when dealing with another person)At work(yes i have a job I have to keep saying that most dont think I do)I have another personality and when I have to work with other people its very effective. And then I have that last personality when in danger, or threatened or feel threatened which hasnt came to the surface in years(THAT PERSON IS DANGEROUS)and I never want to be around that person ever again. I sound nuts but I think there are many people like me around. I dont want to call it putting on a front for different people, but its almost like a "personality emerging" every time the situation changes and I have to fit the role. Almost like acting, but this is real time, WHAT IF????? The day will come when... I will be with my partner at my moms house who is throwing a party and a person that i work with will come over to my moms house and threaten her(making this up)then what will happen????? Which personality would emerge to handle the situtation??? Who knows Im just talking crazy now. I know I know this sounds so so so FIGHT CLUB LIKE!! But its the truth!!
Now Im just talking and talking. But I will end this posting with business. Titan has some really good movies coming out lately(Im in none of them except Hitch, Folsom) But check out CopShack 101 my buddy Damien in that one(shout out to Darius!!). Breathless(co star Alex, Damien, Sagat all buddies of mine.) Spy Quest3( I was suppose to be in that one long story about it) Sidetracked, and a ManPlay series. All good movies!!!! No telling what Titan has planned for me, sequel to Cop Shack I know wont be out for awhile. And my Boiler project wont be ready until the middle of next year. My thoughts about my progress???? I think this is a good move for me. I will have only two movies out so far Hitch(which i only have one scene in) and then Folsom Filth(my break out movie). I think that Titan is playing their hand very well. Im glad to see my brothers(Titan models) get their shine as well. Of course, the attention getting side of me, is like "What about me where is my glory????" But I want to be forgotten about, u make a splash coming out of the gate, retreat for a couple of months so people forget and then come back stronger than ever. Mean while on ur down time u hit the gym harder get stronger, grab some new ink and keep looking good until the spotlight makes its way right back to ya. This is business, if I was in a movie coming out every two months people would get tired of me quick. U come out hard(which I did) and is still coming out strong as more people buy the dvds. As quick as u came out u disappear(let the people get thirsty, wonder about ya)and then u hit them again with the banger. Its clever to me, its well timed and well planned. Im not complaining at all on the sidelines. So stop with the emails saying I was flash in the pan. I didnt retire. Titan is still my company. And yes I have no projects coming out very soon. I prefer this way, U cant get tired of me if u dont see me much. So everytime u see me it makes the wait that much sweeter. Cause Im coming back bigger, wiser and more hungry to make a good project. SUCK ON THAT BITCH

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