Thursday, February 08, 2007


Okay like the caption says, Break Time Over!!! I have to be honest people, I have been a lazy fuck for the last two weeks. I have been House Partying for two weeks and now, Im ready to handle business. If ur not from Nyc, then U dont understand what is going on. Its freezing cold, and outside is not the place to be. I have been still going to the gym and hitting it(but not so hard) From just looking in the mirror, Mr Washington has put on some pounds(Good pounds). Since its cold as shit outside, I havent ran in two weeks, kinda of bugging me. I hate running indoors, but it looks like I have some work to do. I have nothing but good news lately so I have let loose and hangout with good buddies. So for the past two weeks I have been hanging out at my friends house. Being that his house is 420Friendly there is nothiing better to do besides eat and watch Dvds. In a state of Dazed and Confused, I took pics of me "Pimping" and "Thugging Out". To the PETA people: I dont like Fur either but this was just for pics,(U throw Blood on me or put some sticker on me saying "Im a Asshole Cause I wear Fur" U will get ur ass kicked and beaten)so dont Bug out. Hes a Fashion Designer, and his house is full of clothes to try on and have some laughs with. Now its funny cause Diesel needs to uphold his image(even on this site)but he likes to have fun so maybe when Im bored(really bored) I will put tons of new pics on this site(or maybe wait until my other website is finished).
To the Fans, that read this shit I havent really taked about much on this site besides Porn and how things are going with me. So I will have some fun this time. If u dont know by now, then I will enlighten ya. I love Cartoons, and def digging Family Guy and Futurama. I tend to Zone out and just sit and watch Tv and just relax. Im watching I Love New York(funny shit) if u dont know the show. Its a reality Tv show, Where New York(Tiffany)is the main character, and a number of guys battle for her affection(various games, lap dancing, playing sports etc) each guy that doesnt live up to her standards is kicked off the show. I Love New is a funny fucking show. I give props to any guy that puts his business on center stage. What makes this silly, is that its a game. And when U play a game U play to win not lose(The Way I think). Now this show is a spin off of Flavor of Now its the Guys turn, so far the show is starting off slowly, when it gets down to 4 or 5 guys left, then the pressure is on and each Guy on the show will show his true colors for the cable audience to see. Now any press is good press but like any Reality Star u can only ride that train a short time(Same as Porn) The Cast is a good group of colorful characters so I look forward to watching the Show more(Have I bored ya yet???) I feel retarded sometimes, I dont go out much these days. Its cold and I really dont like going out in New York any more. I dont run with a Crew or Posse and I really like when I do shows or travel out of New York. I read so many emails about people wanting to come to New York like its their Dream or Lifeswork to get here. This may sound Jaded, but I have been here and its great but...... If u want to pay Major Rent for a crappy tiny place, More power to ya!!! U want to have tons of roomates cause U want to Live in the Big City, Thumbs Up to ya. I rather live outside of Nyc(somewhat close)pay half of what u would pay in Nyc to have twice the space(Everybody knows that!!)Im just ranting about wanting to move somewhere different, even though I know I will live here for a long time.
Well my fingers are hurting again and its way too early to keep writing, so I will write more another time.

Maybe I should write M and M on my dick, cause they melt in ur mouth not ur hands, but my cock shoots in ur mouth not on ur hands.


Paulus Cerberus said...

XD very funny the last thing you said... write M&M on your dick.
Honey, you´re unique

Anonymous said...

Do you think any of New York's suitors's might be gay? Furthermore, do you think any of them are cute?