Friday, February 16, 2007


Well Well, I have some explaining to do, if ur reading this now, yes u missed my show at Splash. Why didnt I write about it??? I have been flying all over these United States doing "Private Shows". I was in Florida, Sat to Sun(met nice bunch of guys out there, Hello Steven and Jeff ) flew back to Nyc at 11pm just to sleep enough until Monday. Monday I had another Flight to Houston at 425pm from JFK airport. So I wind up getting up at 10am the next day, go to the gym for 2hours and then head to airport. I arrived at Houston at 730pm, I didnt carry much on the Flights. Usual I play the StreetSoldier mode(I have my Laptop, PSP, Telephone, Camera, Cords, games, chargers, batteries, clothes, shoes, sneakers, and boots, shower stuff and gym stuff. I grabbed what I could these last couple of days , which wasnt much. So If ur reading this for the first time, I was really busy, so I missed some calls, missed some emails. I havent updated the blog inwhile so..... I gave ya a treat today, a nice long blog about what the fuck is going on: Traveling and the Splash Show. The Splash show on Feb 14th, I will write about that experience as well so get ready for some long winded stories.
Traveling, I like it really and have a blast meeting so many different people. Business flying is Esp cool, its traveling for pay. Now its time to rant alittle. I dont know what the rules are for Flying, meaning the Armrest situtation. Now from what I was taught the "ArmRest Situation" was as follows: If ur a Righty(meaning that ur Right is ur Strongest Side of ur Arm as opposed to being a Lefty),the Righty always get the ArmRest on His/Her side. In any case, I get some dirty looks sometimes cause IM a big guy, I need to be comfortable so I take both ArmRests for comfort, doesnt matter what side of seating that Im on. And then comes the Leg Room, I seem to edge my way into other peoples space(Im that type of Person that likes Personal Space Myself) When u sit in airplane seats theres that imaginary line that separates the seats. U know u have ur own table and chair and earjacks. Sometimes I fight for space, but the Flight Attendants are always cool and will move me into a larger seat. But Im an Asshole, so the more Room the Better!! People with Carry on Luggage this is for ya, I thought Ur allowed to bring one Carryon bag. Whats Up with the people that bring 2 or 3 pieces with them?? Everytime I get to my Seat(always Late for Flights)the OverHead Bin(by my seat) is always full with bags. I saw this guy get on Plane with Carryon(clothes)another case for computer(wires, plugs, equipment)and Briefcase. He stuffed all of "His" stuff in his overhead bin when he got to his seat. There were two other people in his seating area, when they got to their seats after Him, They had to put their stuff under the seat instead of Bin, cause all of His stuff was in the Bin. I guess Finders Keepers!!! People in First Class, I know u paided alot of money for Good Seats, u paided for extra room and a Comfortable ride. But...... if Im sitting right behind First Class and all of Coach classes bathrooms are full, guess what???Im using the Bathroom in First Class. Not only will I use the Bathroom for number two, but I will make sure I have a Hearty breakfast beforehand. So U people, Can give me all the ugly looks that U want when I come into ur space(I go right through the Black curtains that seperates First Class from Coach)and use ur bathroom, it is what it is. I still like Traveling, but there are some little things that piss me off when I fly and I just had to vent about some of the things.
As soon as I came back from traveling, the next day I had a performance at Splash at 12midnight. I know I know, I didnt write about the show cause I really didnt think the Show was still going on. Its been snowing all week and its been cold and shitty the past couple of days. So I expected a bigger turnout then we had but...... U cant expect much when its shitty outside and on Valentines Day. I got to Club and met Damien(U all know about him)we talked had some drinks before the show. So Im hanging out at the Bar with Damien and Evan(Damiens Bf) I talked to the manager about the Show. He was throwing out ideas, I would start out on a" Box" for routine and then move into the crowd. I gave him a funny look when he said that. I pointed out, without attitude that I would be more comfortable starting off on the Stage and then I can work my way to the Box for a quick dance(real quick dance). The gig went well and the People had a good time there. Titan sent a Big Box of giveaways for the crowd, and the people grabbed everything Free that they could get their hands on. I had a good time, took some pics of the show and put them on my blog. Whats next???? I have some shopping to do for the Awards Show. I never Dress Up for these events, but for this Event I will. I cant wait to hit San Fran with a hot new look and have some fun when Im out there. So the past week has been crazy and alot of things going on. But I took some time to write this Blog for ya and even put up some New Pics for ya. So let me Hit the gym now and get Big before the Award Show.

I think I need to Rip out ur tongue, cause that will make more room for my Cock to slip in and hit the back of ur Throat.


okawa said...

You r a really great model and the great friend!!! I will see you soon.

I didn know that i had account here, i guess i do have one,,,, with my last name....... now u all now my last name...

You r the best


Anonymous said...

You should do a scene topping Francois Sagat. that would be hot. He has yet to be really TOPPED and you're the only guy in porn now who's really topping. Like Dred Scott. You've got it.

What do you think about that? Could that ever happen? You fucking the hell out of Sagat?