Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Okay Guys and Girls reading this, I had the most amazing time at the Gayvn awards. Its alittle hard writing this blog about the events cause everything is mostly a blur, so If I forgot about anybody Im sorry it was a crazy weekend and somethings I just cant remember but I have help from friends who remember more than I do. Well I might as well get started with the stories ur dieing to hear about. So many parties, so many people to talk about, lets start with Kink. com's party, then the Preparty that Rentboy.com threw, The Hotel craziness,, Preparty for Gayvn Award show, Gayvn Award show, then the Afterparty for the Gayvn Awards. Geez It was a fun weekend and it went by so fast it was crazy!!!.
Now "We" landed in San Fran and made our way to the hotel and started to unpack and get settled in. Now U maybe asking who is "WE". Diesel is a character that I created for the Porn and Escort business. Being Diesel allows me to have my own private time just being the real me with the person that I love. Outside of being Diesel, I have been in a 4year relationship with an amazing person. Before I came into the whole Sex Industry, I made them a "Promise" that I wouldnt talk about "Them" in my blog, or interviews or anythng in the same field, so many people were shocked that I had a special someone all this time. As fans reading this ur probably shocked as well that I have been with someone for 4years!!! I wanted to respect"Their" privacy, they dont do porn, or escort, or has anything to do the industry at all. The only reason why Im talking about "Them" now is. Everybody was so nice to us at the parties and I could tell that people thought "They" were adorable. While "They" still want nothing to do with the spotlight, "they" are getting more comfortable with being in the background.
Enough about the mystery person!!!(Love Ya to Death Baby!!!!) Now the Hotel, that itself is a whole blog worth writing about. Some details I cant give away for security reasons(the stalkers out there) The Hotel was insane, just walking through the doors, I run into the Falcon boys they are staying at the same Hotel as the Titan men., to top that off also staying at the same Hotel was Fabscouts boys. So U can already guess the craziness in the hotel. The more I thought about it the more I was saying to myself this weekend is going to be crazy!!!. Long story short, my next door neighbors were Howard from Fabscout(check out his new site www.fabscout.com its new and improved, love the new look Howard) Mister Sagat(Congrats on Best Performer win!!! so much deserved). Damien Crosse and Evan(We love u guys) Trevor Knight and his guest, so many others. Literally U could climb from my window to other peoples room. So u can guess the madness going on in that Hotel. I will speak of one story that happened inside of that hotel. In the morning, waking up after Kink.com's party and Rentboy.com's Pre Party. A little guy named Cole Ryan comes knocking on my window. Now U guessed it, I was pissed off about having my sleep disturbed. But....... this was different, U all know that I have Major Crush on Cole Ryan(I have always wanted to work with him on some project)so when I pulled back the curtain and saw that it was Cole Ryan knocking on my window. I made an exception, even better when he climbed through my window he had two sets of boxing gloves with him. Now I never back down from a fight ever!!!! Its even more rewarding when the person ur fighting ur sexually attracted to. So basically it was on!!!! I asked my partner if it was cool to "Play" with Cole Ryan. Everything was cool so I cleared off the bed, put the boxing gloves on, and we sparred. I have spoken to Cole about our Interests in Martial Arts, UFC, Kickboxing. So I guess he was interested in Experiencing first hand action. To be honest, its hard wrestling someone who u want to fuck!!! He has a great headlock, but I just liked the fact that I was rubbing my hardon between his legs and at the same time picking him up in the air and slamming him on his back on bed a few times just to loosen him up abit. What I always find funny about wrestling people who I like. I go about 60% of full force when play wrestling, but the little guys that like to wrestling with me, they go all out, no holds barred and they dont hold back(LOVE IT!!!)I dont have fun unless I know that I made them sweat, and gave them a couple of bruises along the way. Such a great wake up call Thanks Cole.
Kink. com's party, very nice set up they have over there. Kink.com has bought some real prime space for shooting films wheter porn or regular films. It started out as a tour of the property with a great open bar(yeah the drinks were flowing that night)and four floors of fun to walk through, and to be honest every room spoke to me as a scene in a movie that I would like to do and I was glad that Titan put me on the list for such a great tour. Speaking of which BIG SHOUTOUT TO TITAN U GUYS SPOIL ME TOO MUCH!!!! After getting all sauced up at Kink.com party we headed back to hotel for a change of clothes and then it was time to head to Rentboy.com Pre party.
Rentboy.com Pre party, sorry I dont have much to say about that party, truth be known, I was so drunk that I only stayed 30mins and had to leave before people had to hold me up or lean me against a wall or something. But I think I had a good time the 30mins I stayed anyway. We headed back to hotel and slept till afternoon, that is when I got the Cole Ryan wake up call.
The next day was spent shopping and walking around the city, then the PreParty for the Gayvn award show
PreParty of the Gayvn Award show, geez this was a Whos Who of the Porn Industry. I ran into every porn star that I watched recently and from the past and it was totally awesome. At these events I get star struck and have to really absorb everything around me or I will go nuts. One low point of the night Erik Rhodes(Love ya to Death buddy)had on the same sweater vest that I had on(u can see in pics above)its all good we joked about it and had a good laugh. I ran into CJ Knight(scene partner for Boiler)great seeing ya again and looking hotter than ever. Vinnie D'Angelo(HotHouseMan) love talking to ya man. Francesco D'Macho(the man is even hotter in person, pics dont give him enough credit)was great seeing him there as well. Also seen were Nick Horn, Marcus Iron, Roman Heart, Ashton Starr, Robert Van Damme, Carlo Masi, Chad Hunt, Barrett Long, Collin O'Neal, etc etc etc the list was crazy. After some drinks and partying it was time for the show. We made our way to the red carpet for the start of the show. Upstairs there was an open bar(like most of the places where we went)and the drinks were flowing again. We made our way to our seats, Titan secured Front row seats for the Show(So cool)Seating, there was a major pain in the ass in our seating area.
Now get this, we get to our seats and some guy refused to leave our seats that we had reserved for the night. We asked him kindly to remove himself from our seats and he refused repeatly stating that he paided 1,000 to see this show, he didnt have a Vip wrist band and was just being an asshole and refusing to leave. Now I already had a few drinks in me and the THUG CAME OUT I was so enraged I just wanted to grab this guy and throw him outta our seats. The Great and ever so smart Brian Mills told me something I will never forget" Diesel we hired ya cause U are Beautiful Black Man, we didnt hire a Thug, so relax this will be taken care of" In all the crazy things that were happening I lost sight that I was there to have fun and Represnt Titan to the best of my ability. Finally the guy was removed and we took our seats. So on Record Brian Mills, "U have taught me so much in these few months about the business I will always be loyal to ya and the Titan Family". Okay moving on........
Diesel is never nervous about hitting the stage but since Im not Diesel and he is only a character. I was nervous as hell and needed some Liquid courage. I left my seat to go and get a couple of drinks before I hit the stage. When I retured I was suppose to Present a Award for Best Screen play with Damien Crosse. Upon returning Damien was already backstage getting ready to get on stage, I made it with a min or so to spare getting back stage ready to present Best Sreenplay. Backstage I got to take pics with Kathy hosting the show, and she is so nice and sweet I couldnt take my arms off her(she has this energy like she is ur best friend or something like that) Me and Damien hit the stage and read off the winners. Only problem, when I got to reading the people who were nominated, I Shit U Not, I couldnt say La Dolce Vita, It came out sounding like La Vita Loco(I was alittle drunk and nervous, yeah right!!!)but things were cool after that. I left the stage and apologized to Michele Lucas(sorry for misspelling)for the mistake.
More about the nominations and winners in next blog
Finally the Show was over and it was time to hit the Afterparty(by this time I was hammered). We headed over to the Afterparty and Partied til the morning and to be honest I cant remember anything at the afterparty. I wake up the next morning with a big headache, but safe with the person I love. So look at the pics above and maybe u can piece together the events, cause I cant. I had such a great time and everybody was cool with me, so nobody to add to shit list this time around. But there will be other parties and events so of course I will keep ya posted!!!!

In short, I would like to Thank Damien Crosse and Evan, I really love u guys, we hung out together as couples and we had a blast. The more I get to know u guys the more I love u guys. Now this might sound like bullshit but.... Damien is the only Pornstar that I hangout with on set and off. We hangout together, talk and enjoy each others company. He knows my real name and I know his, I go to their apartment, hangout with them and break bread with them. And Im blessed that not only did I get a chance to meet ya but also had the chance to hangout with ya and ur husband and having ya call me ur Friend. For that Bro U will always have me as a Friend.
Geez that is some mushy shit I just said, Oh well its the truth!! So all u fuck heads out there Fucking Tip the Guy when u see him at the bar, dont just sit there and ask question after question so him some Love in the form of Tips shit!!!! We are Porno Stars but shit we have to pay bills as well!!!!


filmfanatikk said...

Diesel, do you remember having to pee so bad at the Gayvn's that you peed in a cup in the middle of the lobby because the lines to the restrooms were so friggin' long? I do. It was the highlight of the night for me. I wished I would have taken a picture. :)

Diesel Washington said...

Yes I do remember that cause I had to present in about 5mins, good to know that I cant take a piss without camera following ur every move, the bathrooms were packed with people having sex and clogging the stalls