Friday, February 02, 2007


Okay Okay Here is the first peak of my new movie Cop Shack 2. I really have to Thank Titan again cause they put me on the cover of this movie. And this movie looks hot, this is going to be a banger. Cop Shack2 is the first Movie that has a bisexual scene in it. I must say Titan doing Bi Sexual porn is the greatest idea yet. Masculine Men playing with women and men at the same time. Its just fucking hot and I cant wait to work with a woman. U will get to see me plowing out a girl and guy(maybe at same time)if Titan continues with this trend. As U all know Im bisexual(even though I fuck guys, and very well I must say)having a hot scene with a woman is icing on the cake. But moving on, things are great for me now cause Im having alot of fun with the all the attention. But I really came on to blog about a recent experience that I had. Its blunt and to the point, so I made some mistakes, oh well thats why Im blogging about it. People who want to do porn, this is for ya:

I was contacted by this kid, who wanted to do porn. I know its the same story, everybody thinks they can do porn. Most think, all u have to do is get hard and fuck a guy on camera and its all said and done. Wrong Wrong I dont know how many times I always tell people this is not easy. In any case, he was another innocent kid that came up to the plate and striked out. He came to chatting with me online(he contacted me)gave me his stats, and shitty pics(which caused me to think he wouldnt be attractive in person)but something told me to give him a chance. I made arrangements for meeting him in person in a few days. We met, and he was about 5'7 125lbs Blonde hair and Green Eyes(Twink Bottm). In person he is really a cute kid, now why would I meet this Kid??. He contacted me, and said he was interested in doing Porn. Same song and dance I thought, this was different, he didnt drink or do drugs(true sex freak). He was attractive, had a sexy quality to him, he had that "IT" factor. So I thought!!! I talked to him online prior, so I found out a great deal about him before meeting him. He was cocky, had a sharp tongue and was witty, All good traits for a pornstar. When I talked to him in person, he was confident, sure of himself and very eager to try his hands at doing porn. Now I know what ur thinking, I have to test out the goods!!! Ding Ding. Blonde twinks always have work in this business. They might not be Ur favorite type of Porn Star(Muscle Bear, Thug, Frat Jock, etc etc) but its like a staple of Gay Porn. U have to have ur Blonde bottom who everybody fucks and bangs out. Before the Blonde bottom was Jeremy Jordan and now its Mason Wyler. They have a strong following and a great investment if they truely are performers. He was young so he had a great future in Porn(A Great Moneymaker)and since Im in the game its a great way to earn extra money by finding more talent. Im not a agent, or a pimp(ummm)well maybe not............. Anyway. I like challenges and this kid had no experience and only bottomed once or twice(what he told me). This was going to be a job, he was a natural bottom, had the bubble ass and the looks of being a good "Pass Around Bottom". Long story short, He doesnt bottom well and hates it and wants to do porn at the same time. Now we could always train him but that will take some time, and at the same time, Im doing my thing in this industry. Is he worth the investing time and energy into?? The pushing and pushing him to be able to take more and more dick up his ass?? Or Just really sit down, and discuss that the best way for him to bottom, is to find someone that he likes or is dating and play with them until he learns to bottom better. This Kid would need months and months of training(fucking his hole until u stretch it out). Usually when u get into porn being a bottom(guessing), ur already confident in ur skills when it comes to sex, meaning that u know that u can get fucked hard or at least take a certain amount of cock up ur ass??
Why Do I talk about it so much??? I come into this business being the Best Top I can be(and then from there keep pushing to be more) I expect my bottoms, also to be able to perform at the best of their ability. I hate fake porn when the guys are not fucking and there is no energy or life to the scenes, fucking drives me crazy. Basically if Im going to put my name behind ya, and say u can do this and that, u better be able to do it(Im not putting my name on anything if Its not up to standards). Now hes a good kid, I felt alittle gulity that I put added pressure on him by telling him my standards of a good performer. He aggreed to the standards however, but it was more of a problem than he expected, his body couldnt perform.
Without going into details, Fuck it details(U know U want to hear all about it)!!. If I put my cock near ur hole and (((U already jump))) like its going to hurt. Its going to hurt!! If ur pushing against my thighs(instead of pulling them into ya)its going to hurt cause ur not mentally ready. Its all about the Brain people, ur mind is the strongest sexual organ(most think its the cock)if u condition ur mind U can do anything. Remember when I said at first, he seemed confident??, All that was an act!!. He was trying to "generate" that confidence instead of having it. True he only bottomed once or twice. But he knew what was in store if he was to bottom for me. If ur reading this Little guy: Ur sexually attracted to me. U like my Work. U want to bottom for me. U want to do porn. U want me to train ya. But.... U Hate bottoming for me(the look of pain on ur face, emotional break downs, etc etc)Ur not aroused when ur in the act of bottoming(thinking about taking the dick instead of relaxing), or even getting close to cumming. Ur piss shy(cant pee around people), not into any Fetish play. Its funny cause, I had to really talk to this guy and find out what made him think that he could be a porn star without being able to bottom. He isnt hung, doesnt have a muscle body, and doesnt last too long as a Top(from what he says)What made him think he could be a Star?? Cause He sucks alot of cock and thinks hes really good at it.!!! Geez When did cocksucking mean that U can do porn??? Because U think u give good head ur a pornstar. In a nutshell, PORN IS NOT FOR YA.!!!!!
Now to some people, U may be like damn hes that tight, and u cant wait to devirgin his ass. But If u like fucking someone who passes out because of the pain, or who starts crying in the middle of getting fucked(sometimes its sexy, this was just Drama)more power to ya. Could we have remained friends without the sex, and been cool buddies???HELL NO!!!! I fucked him cause of his earning potential, we didnt have anything in common and ran with different circles. Shit I do Porn, sex is like Hello how are ya?? Im fine Thanks for Asking. I wish him luck maybe for something in the future, but really he had dreams of becoming a Teacher. He was young and had a long future infront of him, porn is for people who really like to show off or has a "freaky side". Did I save him from making a mistake??? I dont know??? If this same kid, came to me asking to do porn and he was a hungry bottom that could take it. I would pimp his ass to the ground. I would pimp him so hard, "If I put him out in the Rain, He would make my money and come back without a drop of rain on him!!!" Now I think Im nuts but Oh well. I think Im talking about nothing really just and experience I had which was funny.
Let me go cause I have to write another blog.
I hope u dont slip on the ice and fall face first with ur mouth open on some cock.


Paulus Cerberus said...

it´s not the first time i read your blog. I´m sorry if my english is not to good, but i like how you write here. And a confession...i will love to be fuck by you,you´re so hot!

PD: i´m waiting for the bisexual scene!!

From Argentina with love...

M said...

Thanks so much for writing this blog about bottoming. I, just as the young kid, have only bottomed a few times and am always thinking about bottoming and am somewhat anxious to learn. Unfortunately most guys are not very interested or patient when breaking in a new one but I must say that what you just wrote was quite helpful in the thought process. Hopefully soon I will find a great teacher. Thanks again.

Tré Xavier said...

You're right, Diesel. He definitely needed to be pulling you to him instead of pushing you away. One thing I am so tired of seeing in porn are these submissive bottoms that just lay there, take it, and moan. I watch and feel like screaming, "Grab that top! Grab his ass and his thighs when he's thrusting into you! Show him that you want that cock, damnit!"
If he's reading this I hope he takes your advice and mine which is,: If you want to become a good bottom, try finding a fuck buddy who wants to teach what you're willing to learn. And if you can't get a fuck buddy, fuck yourself with your fingers, then move up to a dildo. I myself went from fingers to fuck buddy.