Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kooan Fashion Show Pic

I had to almost break Kooan's Neck to get these pics from him. Kooan I decided to model for Kooan cause I really like his pieces(esp jacket he made me). He really puts his entire energy into the garments he makes. I asked him to make me an outfit for the Gayvn Awards. So I know I will be wearing something hot for this event. He is Branching out and attacking Fashion the same way Im attacking Porn. Okay enough Shout outs. Here is a pic from the Fashion Show. The Fashion Show was Held at Lincoln Center. The Fashion show was part of a Performance Piece. It was a combination of Theater, Fashion and Dance. The Title of the Performance Piece was"All that Glitters is to be Sold"(Love the name and its so fitting for this event). So as promised, I got ya a Pic of the Fashion Show. Cant really see the jacket, oh well(works for me cause if he too busy to make me something else at least I can wear it to Award Show cause u guys dont know what it looks like LOL) More to Post moving along.
If u was a Skeleton, I would pull out my dick and skull fuck ya!!!!

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filmfanatikk said...

Hey Sexy! We don't want you wearing more clothes for the porn awards. We want less clothes. You are going to be photographed a lot that night. Give us a night to rememeber. :)