Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Okay Im In NYC for Porno Bingo. This is the first show where Im the only Star there. Im excited and Happy, alittle nervous at the same time. Im sure I will have a great time there. Hope to see ya there. Remember on how to approach me!! I wrote my dick off about the right way to approach me. If ur freaking me out I will slap ya like a bitch!!!! Im runnng on a Nice high coming back from Las Vegas so I will be top form for this event. Okay Im making another appearance for a Fashion show this Friday and Saturday. I will be busy all week. Great way to start off the year. U can get more info at www.WillClarkPresents.com I will bring some posters to sign from Folsom Filth. At the show there will be some giveaways and should be just a great time in general. My thoughts about doing this event????? ITS ABOUT TIME!!! I think Im ready and I have my networking face on. I plan to start touring In Feb Hopefully I will hit a city near ya!!!

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filmfanatikk said...

Will Clark is a great guy. I'm sure you'll have a blast. Here's hoping you make it to LA. You should do ChiChi's Dirty Deeds night. You'd be a huge hit. And of course it would be only about you :) Hope to see you in feb. at the GAyvn's. Please post if going.