Thursday, January 18, 2007


Okay I made my first "Official" appearance at the WillClark Bingo night. It was a small crowd on hand(10-15)but regardless I wanted people to have fun. Small turn out yes(although I had a great time) I was alittle drunk leaving the place(they really take good care of ya). So I might be off with some of the names. Will is a funny guy, and we exchanged stories of Porn stars who we met along the way. And of course, there were tons of questions about AVN's, Las Vegas, Hustlaball, M.L. Blog(that I wrote) and it was nice sharing stories with the people(That did show up). For the place to have 10-15 people we raised $260(I think) for the Museum of Sex(I have been there great place to take a date and get them horny). Ran into local porn stars Spike baseball cap) and Tre Xavier Of Course Tre, I have to talk about ya. Its always nice to talk to someone in the business. I havent had the chance to speak to any other Black performers(not too many of us). So I gave him a mini interview(this might be a new thing Im adding) I wanted to hear If People(My Black Audience) thought I was a sell out. And also find out, If its as hard for other Black Entertainers to make it in this business(breaking my back for My Press). He is a quiet guy, cute, polite and was interested to hear what I had to say(which is always nice). SHOUT OUT TO TRE(Just read ur blog before I started writing mine, so I have to give ya a big shout out). So I had a good time, thanks to the guys that made it out on that night(cold and rainy)and to those who couldnt make it. FUCK U ASSHOLES u guys always whine that I dont make any appearances in Nyc u had ur chance. Okay I have so much to write about, I Still have Hustlaball and Best Newcomer blog to write. Bear with me people, I want to have the whole story and blog correct so collecting pics at the events is not so easy. And since I was performing on stage at Hustlaball I couldnt take the pics myself but lets wait a bit before I go into that blog. Next up is the Best NewComer Nomination


wisottertail said...

Diesel, SIR!
When are YOU coming to the Midwest? Any plans for YOU to come to IML in Chicago?

Anonymous said...

You are really too handsome not to use lotion, especially on those huge hands and knuckles. If you want just say so and I'll send you some, because there's no need for that beautiful brown skin to look so rusty!!!!