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I want to thank Gio from for providing me with pics from Hustlaball. U guys rocked down there and thanks again for being so nice to me in Fort Laud and in Las Vegas.

This is one of the most important blogs of the New Year for me. After such a battle this year, with being signed, filming and making events. Hustlaball was the most Important Event for me. I was coming to the stage that discovered me. This year, Las Vegas on the strip, was so different than the "First Time" I had in Las Vegas. Overall this was a much better stay. I stayed in the room alot(Not into the Gambling Thing)it was freezing cold, Im talking it was snowing in Las Vegas. So the action, was pretty tame(Damien and Sagat all to myself in a hotel room), u think we would have people running in and out of our Hotel rooms. At this point of my adventure, I more like to do the pics with the Fans, and perform with other Models. The Partying is on the first day, U get comfortable in the room and then go crazy. Pretty much the next day, ur like tired and hung over, and its right back to business as usual.
I wrote about the Gayvn Expo already, but I just have to stress how many people wanted pics and the crowds. This was a job, and having time afterwards to perform at Hustlaball was draining. I "thought" all of the Titan models was going to hit the stage. But after some talking, it was best that Titan use its biggest guys to represent HARD, Diesel, Tober and . We decided on making a Extreme show. Usually the Law is different in every state and some states U can show naked bodies and in some states u cant. Its a tricky game, Porn Stars to perform when "UR" job is to be sexual, but u cant show nudity. Most of the Acts, had to perform almost like a gogo type gig. U know, wear the tight little trucks and be shirtless on stage and simulate sex acts. Boring Boring Boring. My job as a performer is to shock the audience and have a tight show. Later in the Blog I will tell ya what occured on stage. So lets start from the Hotel heading over to the Show:
After waking up from passing out(long story)the body was dead and I was dazed and confused. I grab Damien(Sagat sat this one out)jump in a cab and head over to Krave. I leave the hotel with a bottle of water in hand. We get to club, and we have to get our wristbands for Vip Section and then head to Performers area. So as We get to the area, I look around for refreshments, Yes!!! bottles of water(a case of it). I down 2 bottles of water real fast and then look around the Performers area. Man!!!There is Prime Grade A ass running all throught this spot. Fuck!!!!! I didnt know what I was walking into. All the performers are crowded in this little area and everyone is hot. Of course u know I was going to run into Cole Ryan After licking his ass for a bit it was time to find more meat. I run into Ronald Laska Now for the fans that can put two and two together, he was in my first set of pics from Hustlaball2006. I didnt go into much detail about him but........I have wanted to fuck this boy, ever since I met him. Now while that sounds easy enough, and we are in Las Vegas. The hard part is that he doesnt speak any English(who cares)so talking is alittle difficult. I do speak alittle German, so it was enough to get by. I hug him and invite him to suck my nipples(did I say that?)after making out quickly, I was treated to a nice shoulder massage. On to more meat. Ralph Woods and Pierre Fitch(I wrote about these two already)running around backstage, I had to grab up Pierre and taste that ass(I had to!!!). All this time, Im still drinking water and up to bottle number 8. I run into Christian Owen I spoke to him a couple of times on myspace, nice guy and it was great seeing him there. Was also talking to Jasper Emerald English guy(love the accent) was nice enough to talk with me. I have 10 bottles of water in me now. Now to set the mood in the Performers area, it would be hectic. People didnt know when their set was going on(when to get on stage)and basically people were rushing back and forth to check the time. Now ur probably saying to urself where is all the sex??? Making out Boring!!!, Eating and Kissing Ass Boring!!!! Well kids, Las Vegas has a very strict policy on nudity(male nudity). On a Las Vegas stage, there is no showing ass crack, or cock or even pubic hair. Now I have met the owner(Krave) last year, and he had the performers area locked down(meaning no sex in public). Now the bathrooms were another story, but come on u have 20 people in the back and the bathrooms were tiny. So grabbing up ass and bringing them to the bathroom was kinda shakey. I was worried more about hitting the stage, then messing around(shit I had plenty on the trip). Bottle number 12 that was the one that pushed me over the top. I had to piss right there and then, but the show didnt start for another 10mins. I ran to the bathroom(of course its in use)locked, grabbed a bottle and filled the bottle 3/4's way. It released some pressure buliding in my gut. But it was right back on the horse again. I grabbed two more bottles of water and downed them. Now from the pic, U probably guessed what I did on stage. Watersports:
Watersports(the act of pissing on partner(s) or urself, Fetish play) Finally the last acts are done on stage. Sorry but the performers are listed I wanted to see more of the show but when ur backstage u miss alot of the action. Finally we got word that the Porn Stars were up!!! Hot House went first Francesco D´Macho Vinnie D´Angelo Marc Willaims Marco Paris they hit the stage, while they are nice guys, it was the tight shorts and shirtless dancing on stage routine. Titan was next up and it goes as follows: Titan Show
Titan hit the stage hard, Tober, Alex, and Diesel all in Army pants and Leather. Tober came out and warmed up the crowd by breathing some "Fire" on the crowd( Gene Simmons like). Next were Diesel and Alex, Diesel hit center stage with his hands around Alex's throat escorting him out. Diesel forces Alex to his knees and then lies him on his back center stage. With Alex laying on his back, Tober squats over Alex and then sits on his lap. Tober then dones his gas mask and faces Diesel. Diesel opens his pants and pulls out his cock(cupping the cock so the audience cant see it) Without warning he shoots out a long stream of piss that hits Tober directly on the chest. Diesel then hoses down Tober hitting him directly in the face(with gas mask on) just soaking the two mountains of muscles. Tober then stands up and hits center stage and then opens his pants and starts pissing into the crowd. At the same time, Diesel is still pissing on Alex, while circling him on stage and pissing in his face and chest. Alex is laying on his back still, and then swallows a big load of piss from Diesel and spits it right back at him. The audience is getting crazy now, and they are moving from the stage to avoid from getting wet. Sensing the shock of the audience, Tober pulls out a tube from his pants exposing the fact that he didnt really piss into the crowd. Diesel then hits front stage and starts pissing in the crowd, For Real!!!. They exit the stage, leaving the crowd shocked and in a state of chaos.
Now heres the real story:
I was alittle upset recently reading the stories about Hustlaball 2007. While some people didnt attend, or some left before the show was over. Most of the people who came, asked me afterwards was the Act real??? Was it Real??? Of course it was!!! The only part of the show, that was staged was Tober pissing into the crowd. We felt that our Act was Extreme, doing watersports on stage. We wanted to take it to a new level by pissing into the crowd, but we felt that people who came out to party didnt want to go home smelling like piss. So we added the ending of using a tube filled with water, just to get a reaction from the crowd. It was a great show and we shocked the hell outta of the people there. The only thing bad about the show, was the fact that people didnt believe that I was actually pissing on stage and into the crowd. So for the record I WAS REALLY PISSING ON STAGE!!! The pics above, are of me pissing on Tober and Alex. Gio sent me pics with a close up of my penis with piss coming out of it, so it was real people!!!. If u dont believe me at this point, "Oh well go fuck urself!!!!" I was tired from the show, and after running back and forth to the bathroom to get rid of the last of the water I was drinking. I circled the club, looking for attention after our set. I ran into a familar face Derrick Hansen, we talked for a bit, joked about the business and had a good time. Its 4am now, and Im tired, ready to sleep. I grab up this hot boy, drag him to hotel and fuck the shit outta him. I slept 2hours, and then it was time to hit the Gayvn Expo again. To end this right, I had the time of my life out there. I stood tall on the stage that started all of this. I came there again, but this time I pissed on the stage to mark it as mine.


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filmfanatikk said...

Diesel, you are my hero! I'm so coming yo meet you alone at the gayvn's. My name is Chris and I will introduce myself. You friggin' rock. Been reading your blog and have loved every entry of it. Kepp blogging and see you in Feb.