Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Yeah it means what it says its presstime. I have always felt alittle uncomfortable with the nude pics and I still wont put any on my site(Its a mental thing really) Now since this is a new year, I will say that Any Press is good press. So I have popped up on a couple of websites for interviews and such. Here are some links for ya and the good guys at Gayporn blog thanks for giving me a opportunity to shine. Im really happy to see that Im gettting alittle more presse from the Porn community. While that statement sounds corny, its the truth. I have repeated over and over, that I wanted to break over into a wider audience. I have toured around and got a mixed response from other companies. Im a TitanMen now!!! Now on to venting, with the new interviews out, my email has been on overload. FIRST OFF FUCK U MOTHERFUCKERS WITH ALL THE MOUTH COWARD FUCKS let me put this in reality for ya: U read my blog, u buy my movies, why oh why u have so many bad things to say about me???U spend so much energy in watching me, reading interviews, reading my blog why is that??U like me!!!!!! If u think dirty and nasty emails upset me ur wrong, cause ur feeding the fire!!!! Makes me that more determined!!!And I Will Crush the Naysayers!!!
Seriously I need to go indepth so u understand:
Its Like, People need to express their thoughts to me. I get Hate emails, I heard it all before. Folks here are just some pieces that I get: "Ur just a tool for the White Men", "Flash in the pan","A Nigger with a Big Dick" bah bah bah heard it all before folks!!!! U little cocksuckers get even more creative with: "Titans Token Blackguy" or even more classic "Titans House Nigger" believe it or not kids LOVE THESE EMAILS!!!! As I had said in the past(if I knew how to post the blogging I wrote on hate I would) The hate makes me stronger, Otherwise Fan mail is great I mainly get positive emails(which I really enjoy!!)wishing me success. Fuck u guys out there that I think I dont return messages, I do............but mostly every email starts with U CAN FUCK ME ANYWAY U WANT lolololol
Or it leads up to wanting a friendship, which is cool (but why are ya sending me ur ass pics, or U in a sling with a 12inch dildoe up ur ass)But u really know its all about the sex in ur case. To be honest, when u guys/girls email me and its all about this: Ur cock... Ur body.... Watched the way u fucked.... I read the email like u was just writing a shout out to me or a personal note. Im not going to cyber sex email ya back and forth. Are ya crazy?? Sounds crude, alittle mean but to be honest!!!Fuck that!! I barely have time to blog, read emails, respond to emails, go to gym, go to work, bah bah bah. To sit and write ways that U can use Ur shoe laces to bound and hog tie some Bitch Boy(ummm????) But to those new readers that just picked up this blog today. Diesel is alittle wild, sometimes out there, but.... there is something there thats gets ur attention in one way or another. Im talking like some asshole but who gives a shit(I will be on a plane tommorrow flying to Las Vegas) Thats right my cunt boys, Daddy is going to Las Vegas for the Internext Expo(def with camera in hand). I got to Represent Titan(Rolling threw with the Crew This Year) If the newer readers havent read into the history of why I started this Blog in the first place. I started this blog to chart my rise into this business. Hustlaball was my coming out party and thats what really opened my eyes about this buisness. So Im kinda of nervous, touching down in Las Vegas for the second time around. I would really say this is going to be bigger than Folsom(in another way) Folsom was sex and craziness. Las Vegas is all about being seen, and I have no doubts that I have recreated myself in the gym and really maxed out in conditioning and overall muscle mass. Nope not leaving any pics of what I look like this time. I want to go to Las vegas and shock the hell outta everybody. Dont be mad, Daddy will bring back plenty of pics for ya.
What else????????Thats the bunk of it. New Readers!!! Diesel doesnt talk about goverment issues, his clothes, or his hair, no deep thinking about how to change the world. I dont gossip about the porn business. Sometimes I have funny jokes sometimes they suck!!! I mainly talk about what Diesel likes Sex, TV,Sex,Things that piss him off, His Body, Sex, His Body, Sex But I will talk about MY Experiences at the events and shows and just in general. My Writing can be butcher job(typing them fast and posting without rereading). I will take pics with all the porno stars I meet(in whatever postions they are in). Basically I will talk Alot of Shit...... but oddly enough Backs up every word of it. So my hands hurt now I will write when I have sometime, keep ya posted on Las Vegas.
SUCK MY D.............................


filmfanatikk said...

Have fun and bring us back some crazy,but true stories. And for the haters out there, they hate themselves, not you. If they check out your blog, they secretly like you. Maybe not man enough to admit it, but whatever. Thanks Diesel for all the entertainmentyou bring. My only question to you though is "how can you feel uncomfortable about the nude pix" when it's the nature of the business? You love yourself and body as do we. Why not show of every last inch of it to us who love to look at it? :)

Anonymous said...

Woah, first time I checked out your blog. Great blog man, keep up the good work. Good luck to you in Vegas, I am sure you will kill it. Peace

The Runner said...

You're quite beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Biggest misconception people have about you?
People don’t believe that I can be articulate, witty and sensitive. -gay porn blog

Your blog is really showing that.

Couple of tips... spell check and a dictionary.

I honestly don't hate, but would appreciate less rant.

Anonymous said...

big toe? How'd you know I had a foot fetish?