Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Okay Okay, now ur reading this and saying no pics, nothing to look at? I had work all week long and having to blog about everything is wearing me out. But I will continue until I see a break in the action. So far, coming back from Las Vegas has been crazy. I had a Appearance at Porn Bingo, and then I had two fashion shows on Friday and Sat. Its been a crazy week, and its not over yet. I told myself, that I have to push and push so I can put myself out there. So the next blog, will be about my Fashion Show, and my stylist Kooan. He created this hot Jacket from canvas and leather and I had a chance to wear it for the Show. Also I will keep updating the blog with Pics from Gayvn Expo, Hustlaball and Las Vegas looking back at all the crazy going ons. Thanks to all the readers of this blog(which grow everyday)and all the people that have wished me success in this business.
First thing first, Im planning on starting a tour of the East Coast very soon. Ending up in Cali(hopefully by the Gayvn awards)so I can finish this tour right. Im still working out the details as to what cities I will hit and in what order. So if ur reading this, send me an email with ur ideas on what path to take(hitting all the major cities along the way) Diesewash@hotmail.com also accepting ideas on my next film. So If u have any ideas of what Models to perform with, ideas of positions, settings, and theme I will go through each one and pick the best one. Titan has given me a choice of what type of movie that I want to film next, by Master Director Brian Mills. I have some ideas of my own, but getting feedback on what the viewers want to see is priceless.
At this point, no Cop uniforms(it was done by me), and no twinks for now(my last filming was done with a twink type)other than that, everything is open game. Take in account I cant work with Models I already worked with, or Exclusive models with other companies. So lets put our heads together and see what we come up with. I want to keep this blog short, cause there are no pics to keep ur attention while u read this. On another note, I have ended recent blogs with reminders. (REMEMBER THIS). Starting from the first blog from Las Vegas(all the Dirty from Las Vegas)so to the loyal readers of this blog. Who ever emails first the message that was secretly written in each blog(it forms a expression I use alot) I will give ya a chance, to take a pic with me, suck my cock(among other things LOL)and shower ya with attention by naming ya Number 1 Fan of Diesel Washington(written in my blog). Now locations vary, and some that read this are way on the other side of country(I will make it to ya, give me a chance). I give this opportunity, Cause U the readers made me into what I am today(not saying much LOL). Maybe I think Im more famous in my head(its the truth). But ever since I started this blog, people gave me ideas, and support when things were getting rough. And for that I say thanks!!! To wrap up this blogging, Its so funny nowadays. I went from jerking off in Peep Show booths and sitting in front of my computer, beating the meat to my favorite porn stars and movies. To doing movies, meeting all of my favorites(fucking and hanging out with them)and then being nominated for my own work on the screen. This is so crazy!!! I read my old bloggings to see that I have changed so much in the matter of 1year. Crazy Crazy and the year just started!!!
New Year New Saying???Naw
Now "Ur" a Cup of Coffee with plenty of sugar(in ur tank), U want some Cream in that coffee?? Open wide and say when.!!!!


Tré Xavier said...

Hey Bro, I will be emailing you some ideas. Some of my fans like my ideas, so I may pass the ones I mentioned on to you. And maybe some I haven't mentioned.
And CONGRATULATIONS on the GAYVN Nomination, the exposure you're getting, and especially your thirst for variety, because routine is so boring. Keep mixing it up.

filmfanatikk said...

Open Ur Mouth, suck my dick!!!! Do I win??? Dude, have been a fan and follow loyaly. And will continue to do so. Will be in SF for the awards. Finally may get the chance to meet you. Also, am on your myspace. I remembered!!!!!