Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I always wanted to do this post and I was inspired today to do so........

Here We go:


I loved this movie, and I'm sure almost every porn star has seen this movie. It captured many moments of Our experiences in doing porn, sometimes so close I often think about what would Dirk Diggler do in this situation

When I came up with the name, Diesel Washington those same neon lights came into my head......

I remember jumping on that set and trying to create that energy, I was Large and in charge!! I was about to lay the smackdown on my bottom for the scene!! Many times I would stand in the mirror, hyping myself before a scene

When lights are turned on and the camera is rolling, I'm Diesel Washlington!!!!!! I like to take charge of my scenes, I want that energy to be crazy!!!! I bring that attitude to life!!

Ummm... this has happened to Me, I have worked on a set when "Someone" was into Me before. I wasn't approached the same way, but there was an Advance. The ending of that story is quick.....

I fucked him!!!

This is one of the funniest moments in the film. I can totally relate to this feeling, even though I was never married and had a wife getting banged by some random dude. I can relate to going to every party, and there is always some models getting naked and showing off. I have been to so many events, when you see someone that is attractive, whom you might have conversed with in the past. One minute your totally into them. Then moments later, you see their face getting stuffed with cock by random dudes. Face fucking is replaced by getting their ass banged in some corner. Then finally(if the area has one)they are in a sling, with a huge line of guys behind them, and their ass is lubed up and ready. It hurts sometimes, but what do you expect??? The situation in the movie is alittle extreme, but I can see myself blowing my brains out if I fell in love with another porn star who acted like that(hint hint to my special person)LOL

There is always a Diva on a set, and seeing this type of Coke induced Rant on a set could happen. It has never happened on any of the movies that I have worked on. But I did see this happening at a Live Sex show. I was at some "Event" when some performers refused to go on stage unless they had a Bump(that would be Coke). It wasn't like they asked for it, They demanded it!!! I watched the situation unfold right in front of Me, sitting there Dazed and Confused of course!!LOL

This part of the movie spoke so many volumes to me, even though this was a time period piece(70's/80's) Hearing how Burt Reynolds character(a Porn producer)is approached with the idea of changing with the times(Film to VHS)and tries to stand his ground. It's 2010, the format of Porn has changed again, It went from Film to VHS, VHS to DVD, and then to this stage, DVD to Web. What will the format change into this time around????

I know people are mad, I didn't include any "Skater Girl" clips. Sorry.......

We all know the character very very well. I know a bunch of performers that could be dead ringers to the Skater Girl character, Down to the Tee and Letter!!! It's kinda of scary!!!

I love the movie, and it was full of Top A list performers:

Luis Guzmán ... Maurice TT Rodriguez
Burt Reynolds ... Jack Horner
Julianne Moore ... Amber Waves
Rico Bueno ... Hot Traxx Waiter
John C. Reilly ... Reed Rothchild
Nicole Ari Parker ... Becky Barnett
Don Cheadle ... Buck Swope
Heather Graham ... Rollergirl
Mark Wahlberg ... Eddie Adams - Dirk Diggler
William H. Macy ... Little Bill
Samson Barkhordarian ... Hot Traxx Chef
Nina Hartley ... Little Bill's Wife

This Movie means alot to me, there are other movies that I can compare to my life. But come on....

Boogie Nights is almost like the sound track of my porn career!! Anway.... this has been another post that was kinda of weird...

I hope some what entertaining..


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The alternative ending for "Nights" is a scream... no, I mean it's really cool, even if it is a tribute to "Mary."
Oh, well. "Boogie" is a wonderful film, although I don't really see you in Don's part; the cowboy hat? Never.

H M ZAK said...

I love this movie, casting is amazing.