Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Currently I'm running around with my head cut off like a chicken(Grandfather raised chickens Upstate)It's annoying....

When you lose your stuff esp ID, it's a battle and waiting in long lines to fill out paperwork is draining. I'm off on the right track, the mountain is turning into a hill.

Moving on...... back to L.A. trip:

Recap at the Cybersocket Awards

Photos by Tball

Diesel Washington and Cody Kyler hmmmmm???? I would go into some sort of rant about wanting to work with him. But didn't I do that already??? LOL

The Cybersockett Award show was so much fun, I was there with my date Andy Kay. LET ME PUT THIS ON RECORD!! We are not dating people(Sigh), I noticed all the curious stares, and people were like "WTF??" Who is this kid that Diesel brought???? I was honored to have Andy as my date for the events, and I held his hand the whole night...

It was the same way, when We went to the Xbiz awards. We held hands and walked around and it was nothing but constant staring. LOL

Was it because of the:
Different Body types??
Size difference??
Age difference??
Height difference??
Race difference??

Probably all the above!!!

So the mission was accomplished!! It was to standout!! Me and Andy would laugh later on about all the attention we got. But let me clear up some things first.

Contrary to some blogs, Andy Kay WAS NOT MY BOYTOY

To the People that saw Andy Kay and were like "Who is that??" Andy Kay is a model/videographer/director/script writer/editor/blogger/production manager for all at the tender age of 21. Besides being attractive, Andy is one Driven, Focused person. I didn't want to explain the connection I have with him, but I thought some of the commentors had no clue as to what Andy is about. Andy has the knowledge of the Biz at such a young age its almost scary. From being in front of the camera to production manager is a big thing. Bryan the Owner of Boycrush has a gold mine in having Andy Kay as a employee. I wear many hats in the Porn industry, model/script writer/live performer/interviewer/promotions bah bah. So we have alot in common, just having the time to exchange ideas, with someone so insightful is such a huge turn on for Me.

There you have it!!!moving on.....

In more Porn news:

16th annual Hard Choice Awards

The 16th annual Hard Choice awards, I won for Having a Blast! *cum shot*
Diesel Washington, Rear Deliveries, Raging Stallion Studios

Runners-up: Jason Crew, Backroom Exclusive Videos 14, Hot House; Ethan Grant & Ross Hurston, Masterpiece, Hot House; Manuel Lopez, Stag Fight, Stag Homme; Spencer Reed, The Trap, Raging Stallion Studios

Wow I won for best Cum shot??? Looking at the scene myself, yeah I shot a huge load that day. Shit I was drained after the shoot, I went back to hotel and crashed out!!!

I also won for Savage Humor Award

•Diesel Washington uses his cum as wallpaper paste, Red Light, Mustang Studios

•"18 West Overture," a long compilation of cumshots set to the music of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture, Skyler's Sex Adventures, 18 West Studios
•The "Caution: Wet Floor" sign Tony Mecelli puts up in Locker Room after he and Vince Ferelli spooge all over the floor, Hot House
•Jean Franko uses his GayVN Best Actor trophy as a sex toy, Action!, Kristen Bjorn Productions

Thanks to the guys over at Onan the Vulgarian
With Harley Shadow) I have been in the business for four years, having people still like my scenes is very important to Me. I'm blessed to be able to keep working in this business and to stay consistent through out. I just want to keep making hits every time I hit the set. Thanks for all the support from fans, supporters, and of course the haters.

Okay I was surfing around the Internet and the Buzz is about Ty Colt doing a scene with a Transexual performer. Ummm Okay???? I don't know what the problem is??? He is an Adult performer that is his job. To stand out in a sea of models, performers have to try different things. I see this as Ty Colt testing the porn waters and using his name to try different projects. Ty Colt has the body, face, and that ass!!!Damn!!! He could fuck a transexual midget with one eye and a missing tit and I would still watch him. Good for you Ty Colt keep pushing limits!!!

Umm??? If you didn't see my interview with the Peters Twins(Bel Ami)catch that here:

It was great hanging out with the Peters Twins and I was blessed to be apart of their Vid visiting the United States see that here:

I think its funny that Diesel Washington (a black guy from brooklyn) gets to be apart of their Vid that is playing on the Bel Ami site. This is what I came into the business to do, I wanted to make an Impact on the Porn Industry. Alittle piece of Diesel here and there, the haters can't stop Me its already too late. I will keep pushing the limit until either I get tired of doing porn, or my time is over and its time to leave.

My future in porn right now is unclear, but when I do decide to leave, it will be on my terms!!

More to post later!!


Eduardo Guize said...

Glad you're getting your life back. So you're not dating Andy, OK... Why aren't you dating Andy?

Cloud said...

1st it is very important to have scene's that your fans like..certain Porn Stars( who shall remain name less) have wack scene's. Trust, that you don't have that problem. 2nd, I'm happy that everything is coming along that is a great look. Not too many people can actually say that they love their job.also to be making an impact in porn also is excellent. As for Andy, that is truely a great point to be at. Where you have some many different titles under your belt. They're just trying to find things to talk about, and pick at.

Anonymous said...

This is a little off topic for this post but seriously, forget Tiger Tyson! I just saw that Take Em Down 4 & I'll say this, if I paid for the movie, I'd demand a refund! It is the worst i've ever seen! Every single scene is garbage! There's no substance & Tigers performance is nothing but a snoozer! I can't say I'm surprised because I've never seen the big deal about him but still. Marc Williams is pathetic too! I couldn't even beat off to the movie, that's how bad it is! You working with Tiger would be a step it's not worth it!

EGGZ said...

I dont check here as much as i used to, but I see your doing pretty okay.

Im in LA right now, what a coincidence.

I hope u find your ID; u need another assistant


Anonymous said...

You and Andy are looking so freakin HOT together!!!

wagner said...

Dear Idol... I can only say that I'm very very happy that U return to post your thoughts again... I can't sleep without see U... reading U... loving U...

from São Paulo Brazil

Anonymous said...

Ty Colt with a tranny is one thing, but if Ty Colt topped Diesel that would grab every headline there is.