Monday, February 22, 2010


Well finally I got all my ID back.........

I had to run around to office to office but its all done!!! But what I wanted to talk about was that I have been having writers block. People think its easy to write this blog, well its not its alot of hard work. Coming up with ideas to write posts about, is getting alittle harder these days.

When I'm depressed or miserable, I can come up with ideas to write about. Recently that has been hard because I'm just too happy!!! I have a special person in my life and since that happened, I have been riding high on life.

Trying to balance talking to them and then finding time to post has been difficult, but I'm still here and trying to get shit done. I will be going on the road soon and doing some touring this coming weekend so I will make an announcement tomorrow about my schedule, so look forward to that.

I want to write about the person, but I want to wait. They are very special to me and We don't want to Jinx things and go online and start talking about our relationship not yet anyway.

So moving on.....

The pictures above are very random, since I lost my good camera I have been using my back up camera for some pictures. But don't worry I took my old camera out of retirement for use. So I will still be able to get footage until I buy another camera. So I will give this advice to people, always have a back up to a back up that way u can never get in trouble.

Anyway this was a short post for today because I am talking to my better half while creating this post for you..

To answer some questions:

The person I'm dating is another porn star

No its not Andy Kay

We have been talking for a few months

And the best part of the relationship is that, We can talk about anything. And time seems to move very quickly when We talk(which is annoying)

More clues later....


Anonymous said...

Mason Wyler just wrote a blog post saying he has writer's block too. Must be catching.

Eduardo Guize said...

It happens to all bloggers, it's fine. And time moving very quickly when you're with your bf is a great thing! Best wishes for your relationship!

Cloud said...

Yea, I know what you mean about the back up thing, I need to get a back up external hard drive for my movies, and I just got a new Nikon camera, so I can put my fuji in the draw, lol.I feel on your blog you should be able to talk about anything, even if your on cloud 9 just post something and let us fill in the rest. That's what your audience is here for we can help, lol. But I wish you the best in your relationship, I've been with my boyfriend now for 4 yrs, and it can get tough. I say keep him a secret for as long as possible, especially if it might jepordize( I hope I spelled that right, lol) your relationship. But best of luck