Tuesday, February 02, 2010


If you didn't know...

I'm Co Hosting the 2010 Grabbys Awards with Honey West and Chi Chi LaRue, Roman Heart and the fan voted in Co host:

Jeremy Bilding, Michael Brandon, Tony Buff, Bobby Clark, Mike Dreyden, Rocco Giovanni, Josh Griffin, Cody Kyler, Dominic Pacifico and Rob Romoni.

Good luck to all the performers!! There is alot of talent in those performers, I love it!!

Thanks to Mark and Stacy!! For putting Me down!! Love you guys!!www.grabbys.com

It's going to be a wild show!!

What next???

L.A. I'm coming to see you, I'm working on an interesting project. While there I will be networking and filming so I'm looking forward to that. It's snowing over here in NYC and its another boring night. I thought I would write a good post.

I went to the gym and got that over with, alittle more and I will be ready.

Here is another Vid:

Geez I sound like a total Geek!!! Sad but true....

But think about that??? I'm a blogger, and some will say that is Old School style. Meaning...Everybody is on this Twitter craze!! I prefer to use my blog !! But I throw in the crazy Vids, Interviews, personal life, porn news and a whole bunch of stuff..

I changed the format of some of my posts, but smart readers understand(errors and all)what I'm getting at...This is one of them

I'm experimenting with Blogger Dating(It's real), its when you date/go on dates with other bloggers(who happen to do porn, or not). Now you might be saying "Thats just Regular Dating" while that is true, going on dates and hanging out with other bloggers, Can be a hit or miss sometimes!!! You have some bloggers who are porn stars, and then you have porn stars that blog. Everybody knows the difference???

Argh!!! quickly Class!!!

Porn star bloggers, only post pictures and Vid of themselves, everything is about their porn work(some personal info here and there) but its a blog that is strictly used for Promotion. Wishlists, Glam shots, all that good stuff.

Bloggers who do Porn, their blogs contain pictures(wheter good or bad)Vid sometimes embarrassing but funny. They show their weakness, but courage enough to write about it and share it with the world. They do youtubes, X tubes, write poems, sing songs they take their blogs serious!!

Why do I take blogging personal?????

Its a book of memories, that you created for yourself. I can go back to the very first post I wrote(2005)I can read over past posts and see all the things I have accomplished....

See all my Dark moments......


I was talking about Blogger Dating(dating people who own blogs) In this case its two porn stars, which is easy when its primarily based on Sexual attraction. I still want to film the awkward moments and give the fans of both blogs, a real look at two people who meet for the very first time, at the Big Awards Shows!! No scripts!! nothing set up!! Real reactions!!!

So off the bat, If I'm geeky and goofy in some of the Vids. Oh well!!
That's right!!! To stay ahead of the game when it comes to Blogging, I thought "Why not film it?? People call Me a train wreck, why not have the cameras around recording every min of it????LOL

At the same time, I'm very curious to meet this person. They film, edit, write scripts, and the music for some of his work. That takes alot of skill, I'm attracted to people who have passion(anything in life), smart, driven, focused. I find that very sexy, everything has been talked about beforehand(It's about having Fun) I can't wait!!

That is a date between two porn stars that blog(which can get nasty LOL).

How about a blogger who does porn, going on a date with a blogger that reports about the Porn Industry???? No not a Friend date/Working date. A real date DATE!!

I have been there.......

I will never tell!!!LOL(Now I will get all the bloggers sending me emails LOL)

So if none of this makes sense to you, I can explain it like this:

Diesel the train wreck, is going to film himself going on a date to the Cybersocketts and X biz awards with another porn star.

Big News??? Maybe not!! I think it's cool.

In other news, alot of people want Me to bottom, See Me bottom, film Me bottoming.

I'm not a bottom, but thank you for the generous offers(Very Generous). A Porn star turning down serious money because he doesn't want a dick in his Ass??? What does that make me????

A Top!!!LOL

But thanks, now I have work out my virgin ass in the gym and get my black bubble muscle ass even more harder!!!

Is it that much of a turn on to see Diesel Washington take a fat thick cock up his ass, pounding his hole????? Do the True Fans want to see me bent over grabbing my toes and taking a Big(Black, White, Latin, Asian)Dick in Me.

You want to see the Pain/Pleasure(whatever that means)in my face when I'm riding that dick????

I bet the Fans want to see if my dick would be hard, as I'm getting my ass drilled??

Would I bust a nut while getting fucked???

Hmmm??? these are the questions that People are asking. Not sure why though???



Anonymous said...

Would so love to see you bottom, even if only once, as it would be so hot and please so many fans. LOL.

James said...

This is all I ask with this "mystery date." PLEASE, SWEET JESUS PLEASE, no moaning/groaning about how the date didn't put out, blah, blah. Go have a good time, and keep the drama to a minimum. LOL

keith said...

Nah, don't do it. You're a top. Do what makes you happy, because it makes us happy watchin' you DRILL THAT ASS!

Anonymous said...

Do us fans want to see you bottoming in a scene ?........ummhhhh.... IS THE POPE A CATHOLIC !!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please stop the tease, you know the majority of fans want to see you bottom, your own poll showed that.

As the Godfather Films say " It's only business, not personal". You are a porn star, doing it as a job. If you bottom, people know it is purely business and does not reflect on any personal preference you have.

Most , if not all businesses aim to give its customers what they want. You will gain far more if you do bottom in a scene, even a one off scene.

ToddyEnglish said...

Nooooo, please don't bottom! Yeah, you have a great ass but I love seeing you top. You look like you really enjoy it. That is what you are!

Anonymous said...

you might not be good as a bottom... while its a nice thought-topping and bottoming are two very different things.