Tuesday, July 20, 2010


And here is a New Vlog for the People:

I know its been week, and I haven't written a Post in so long so I wanted to touch base today!!

More later Kids!!


Dre said...

Yes a shirtless Diesel always gets my attention as well as those biceps.

Anonymous said...

Hi T...yep ditto but bouncing pecs for me...Thanks...Laurie

Laurie (WJ) said...

Hi T again..and Find Love of course..Rgds..Pleased to hear that our input has a good effect on you..Laurie

Laurie (WJ) said...

Hi T agains. (haha that's a Palin!!).good yo hear your voice and accent...New York accent is different to hear...Regards..Laurie

Anonymous said...

I see that Austin Wilde, Raging Stallion's Man of the Year, bottoms again in the new dvd Steamworks and that the dvd also stars other ethnics Stars, Race Cooper and Derek Reynolds who are excellent hot macho versatile performers.

You also appear in Steamworks, but doing the same old cliche ethnic Top only role. We are now in the 21st Century and that old tired cliche role is not relevant to the majority of fans. It's a pity that your ability to thrill fans is limited by your own imposed restrictions and it seems that soon you will be left behind by the much more exciting versatile ethnic Stars like Austin Wilde, Race Cooper, Derek Reynolds, Scott Alexander, Damain Holt and Brian Bodine etc. David Forest certainly won't save you as he also knows your limitations, that at your age will further restrict your career and make you a liability.

Austin Wilde's performance in Steamworks will easily gain most of the attention and interest in that dvd, putting your own performance way into the background. Think what you can still achieve if only you would be a little flexible.

Anonymous said...

I miss U.... from São Paulo Brasil

Anonymous said...

I worry about you placing your trust in David Forest, a convicted felon, jail bird and a drug addict/junkie, highly persuasive con-man. A person whose 100% survival instincts are self, self, self i.e. -his own self.

It dosen't matters that I'm not a racist, but DF does come from a race that is not known to help African-Americans, but rather has a history more of taking advantage of African Americans.

Its your decision, but better have the knee pads and lube ready or get a sling, as DF will fuck you over.