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"Hard Wire" Scene 1:

"Hard Wire" Scene 2:

"Hard Wire" Scene 3:

"Hard Wire" Scene 4:

"Hard Wire" is Cop drama set in NYC, the series was created to the explore the world of Cop vs Thug.  I know what your saying "Another Cop drama"added to the market of the Cop themed gay porn that is already out there. We will take it to the next step..

 Being a big fan of cop shows on TV(Hill Street Blues, NCIS, Law&Order, Criminal Minds etc) the storyline is constantly changing, you have your chase scenes, arrest scenes, the gathering of DNA, so many different types of scenes that you can put together.  The Thugs/Villains/criminals can be colorful characters, and in a Cop series you can have a revolving door of characters that come into the story as well as have a "Central cast" that is in place that helps tell the story.  It's a Win Win..

I get it, some people hate story lines and rather get to the sex scenes.  With the "Hard Wire" series you get strong sex and good acting(working on it)I want to create a product that people can sit down to watch like their favorite Sit com.  A Sitcom is what? 30mins long? take out the commercials and its about roughly 18mins of acting, telling a story, compete with plot twists and Action sequences.

 The biggest reason why We used this genre, was that it gave us the ability to create characters that you don't normally see in the Urban market. Using a cop genre, we can have:

Detectives that are dressed in suits
Action sequences(Car jacking, Chase scenes, ETC)

Besides the reasons above, this opens the door for Men of color to be displayed as they should. I know I will hear the moans of "Why the use of Thugs and the Homeboy look?" In the Urban market that is the "Classic Look" complete with Do rag, wearing your gold chains and rings and things.  But "Hard Wire" mixes it up, while you have that "Thug look" I make sure to throw in plenty of suits and ties, formal wear, Doctor scrubs, nurse uniforms, Cop uniforms..because in Reality

There are plenty of Men of color who are Doctors, Lawyers out there, its 2012 for God sakes.  In my opinion there are not enough porn scenes featuring Men of Color as Doctors or Lawyers..

The "Hard Wire" project gets big and bigger everyday, so it has led to some delays:

We want to add more models to the project, We started out only filming 3 scenes which led to 5 and then to 6 scenes(more planned)so We are expanding the project.

For the fans, I release small scenes from "Hard Wire" and its all for free!! I want you to see the characters, get familiar with the characters and have you begging for more.  I haven't released one sex scene yet, but I'm giving you the complete story for free.. Cause I want you to watch..

At the same time, We are working on a new site that will allow you to view the content DIRECTLY.  Pay per View, Pay by Minute, Pay by Scene... This is where the biggest delay comes from.  How to display the footage in a way that customers find the easiest.

"HARD WIRE" is created for the fans..  And We want to hear from you...

Doing oral scenes(if anybody watches them) How long does an oral scene hold your attention?

How long can you watch guys making out? For 5mins, 10mins??
How important is that the bottom be hard while getting fucked?
When watching two guys fuck, What is more important??
Sometimes porn is predictable, usually its: The guys meet Kiss, make out Oral&Rimming They Fuck, Cum shots.. As a porn producer I think these rules are too rigid, I feel that sometimes guys just go down on each other, and then fuck. I have had a hookup or two, in most cases I never really kiss the guy(Kissing is passionate to some people)I get blown and then fuck some ass. In making porn, you want to show off your models, but sometimes in the situation that is not realistic. So... Do porn fans like to see their porn have that "Porn Sequence" or is that Flexible?
I want to make sure when I'm editing scenes, that I give the fans what they want. The story is directed by me so when it comes to editing I have a clear story that I am telling. But when it comes to the sex, I know what is hot!! But I'm always open to suggestions from fans.

More later...

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Schuyler McHenry said...

I feel that you should go off of your experiences.. because most porn stars dont do what you do. For instance I was watching one of your scenes the other day and you were giving a guy head and it was so sloppy and nasty (but in a good way) that my dick immediatly got hard.. it depends on the sexiness of the star, and the effort that you put in. Thats why your one of my favs