Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Let Me tell people something...........
I do not have Grindr, so if you see my images on Grindr THAT IS NOT ME!!! The imposter's are getting even more clever.  They read my timeline and facebook and blog and actually talk to people using updated information they studied on Me.
Meaning before they impersonate Me, they actually took the time to Study Me and stay up to date with current events DIESEL!!
I still don't understand the whole "Imposter thing" why Me?? So far on this porn journey, I have people "Playing"Me online, I have models who use my methods/signature moves/style, other escorts that use my cock pics and body pics, and now more and more fans posing as Me on these Hook up sites..
It's getting annoying!! Some of you are probably saying I should be Flattered...
I see your point but....Naw!!
It's annoying!!


Sue said...

I'm not going to say you are lucky, but MANY porn stars are having fake FB and twitter accounts taken out in their professional names and it is a big problem for them. Your name is $$$! And entree! That is why people do it! We could talk, but this is too public! Ask Damien, he knows too well all about this problem.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should hire the imposter then beat the crap out of him when he arrives..LOL