Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Naz is back and his tracks are AMAZEBALLS!!!Rocking it hard!! Kanye hitting it hard with this one..... Had to slow it down...Frank Ocean. I listen to this when thinking about my Ex, it happens you know. In a strange mood where I was weak, I reached out because I wanted to hear his voice. He doesn't pick up the phone anymore when I call.. So in a short moment he answered the phone, I don't know how to explain it: I wanted to tell him that I loved him I wanted to say "Come back to Me"... I wanted to jump on bus and come running to him.. I chatted with him online, and in the third sentence he started bragging about his first Threesome.. *Sigh Yeah so after phone after phone call...I just exploded into anger and that was the end of that story... Naz again and this one is really special its amazing to see the journey some Rappers made in this Industry and it reflects in their music.

That is theme music playing in my ears...that one single line "Work Hard, Play Hard"

Hitting that shit hard...Get it Get it...

Not that big a fan of 2 Chains, but the hook is Nuts!! and it does flow so I won't hate on it....



Always will LOVE Pink.. great Vid!!

I like this song...So what!!

This bumps in the club....

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Anonymous said...

Hi T...take care in the Storm heading your/NYC's way....Rgds...Laurie