Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Well I thought I try something new, cause I have some time on my hands. I started my first Vid Post and I think I will add some content to it and then see what spins up. Self promotion is a motherfucker and I hate to do certain things that let People so much into my Life. But Since 2008 is coming I have to put myself out there even more now. So I will try my hand at some acting, I have a bunch of characters that I want to bring to Life. Most dont know that Diesel is a very Funny guy and since everybody thinks they can Act U can be My Judge. Stay tuned for more postings and having alittle fun with DieselWashington


thonnibg said...

Wow..Diesel,that`s great!
Good to hear you started uploading videos.Now we`ll know your interesting and versatile persona better.
Best of luck!


Anonymous said...

Wow... this is so cool.
So glad to watch u in this brand new way, even if u're look so hot even in this video, thank God.
Best wishes


blk8inthick said...

If you want to show more you could post your vid on xtube.com or rude.com. Nudity is a must on these sites. Oh and great vids to man.

Papi Chulo said...

What a combination. Sexy. Funny. and Utterly adorable.

You are like a big muscled teddy bear ... with a hott penchant for rough sex ...

Great clip!

Papi Chulo