Saturday, July 26, 2008


Hey Folks Down in Fort Lauderdale and last night I was performing and having a good time on stage at BoardWalk. It was a slow night(hey it happens) but I still put on a good show for the People that were there. A gig is a gig and I had a good time performing Last night..

Okay Im Hype today cause I have a photoshoot with the Amazing GioPhotography and hes great, I brought some clothes for a new photoshoot that I will have. I wanted to change the style alittle bit and show different sides of the Diesel Washington character. Well Im in Florida so I need to enjoy the Day and get the ball Rolling. Im performing again at Boardwalk tonight so this time I may get some Real Time Vid that I can put on Youtube and broadcast for the Fans Stay Tuned Folks so I will let ya know.

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Anonymous said...

why don'y you ever give us a heads up when you are going to be somewhere. you always tell us after it already happened. i want to show up and show my support.