Friday, July 18, 2008



What???? Gutter Bunnies who suffer from Bitchazzness????WHAT IS THAT???

Gutter Bunnies ie those people that are trashy, sleeps with trash, does trashy things and more important lives a trashy life, a Person that Hops from gutter to gutter, For example:

A Gutter bunny is a person(guy or girl) who gets fucked by multiple people(5 or more) in a 4hour period. Travels to each person getting fucked, pissed on, spit on, and doesnt take a shower between fuckings, jumps in bed without showering and goes to sleep.

A Gutter Bunny is a person that goes to peep shows and glory holes and sucks off 10 or more guys and goes home and doesnt even brush his teeth.

A Gutter Bunny is Ur Best Friend, who gives Ya crabs, from fucking Ur girlfriend or boyfriend behind Ur back.

A Gutter Bunny is a Escort that go to "Business Party" and sleeps with all the other rentboys and porn stars and is broke the next day cause instead of making money they were too busy sucking cock and getting fucked.

So u should understand by now, The definition of what a Gutter Bunny is. There is nothing wrong with Gutter Bunnies, I have Associates that are Gutter Bunnies. I'm not making any judgments based on character or personality at all..... Just sometimes how trashy people can be at times needs to be pointed out. Gutter Bunnies should not be confused with Pigs. Gutter Bunnies are not Pigs...... Pigs are a step up!!! Pigs just like to have dirty sex. Gutter Bunnies make Pigs seem tame. Because there is Etiquette in being a Pig, there is no Etiquette for a Gutter Bunny!!!

And then we have Bitchazzness.....

Bitchazzness, a term made popular by P.Diddy on Making the band4, which consists of a person portraying a bitch, Having no self confidence, A Weak person, Snitch, a Hater, Jealous person, a whiner, dramatic person who need constant attention but doesn't deserve it, a person praying for the downfall of another.

So how are Gutter Bunnies affected by Bitchazzness??? .......The Bitchazzness virus attacks the Gutter Bunnies back bone, giving rise to Fits of jealously, Hate and lack of self confidence. Here are examples of Gutter Bunnies suffering from Bitchassness, all True Stories:

A Bareback Porn star who gets fucked in glory holes taking loads up his ass, sucking down loads, is the pass around cum gang bang bitch in movies, even if guys fuck him safely on screen he takes the condoms, when the top is finished and eats out the load from the condom.......But gets mad cause no one wants to date him, because of his work.......UMMMM Duh!!! Sorry U may have a great personality and all but U do snuff films. Showing u have no respect for yourself..... So Why would anybody value U when u don't value Yourself???(Sorry that was judgmental but so what!!!)

A Guy who gets fucked by 8 guys in one night, sucking dick, getting fucked, spit on, pissed on/in, and has a person that they are seeing(on the side) but tells them they don't want to sleep with them right away and wants to get to know them. But gets angry when the guy they made wait, is caught making out with a random guy from the club/bar one drunken night.

A guy that goes to glory holes and peep shows and sucks off guys all night taking loads in his mouth and swallowing. When they are thirsty for water, U help out and pass them Ur bottle water, they take off the cap and wipe off the top. " Saying I don't know where Ur Lips have been" Are ya kidding me!!! That just takes balls to say!!

The extended Fuck Buddy, who u told before, that the situation was purely sexual, who U Fuck, Whore out, and pass to all Ur buddies for fucking, goes to the person that Ur dating(emotionally attached to)and tells them That they have been sleeping their Man, just to ruin the relationship cause U don't want them emotionally u just want them for sex. Haters!!


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