Monday, July 28, 2008


I'm still on Florida flying back Today I had an amazing time in Florida Special Thanks to FabScout, MATT AND DAVE u guys rock, showed me a great time in Fort Lauderdale and I wanted to give ya a Special Thank U!!!! Gio U rocked!!!

We took some amazing pics and I haven't posted any of the really really Awesome ones yet!!! These are a sneak peek at some of the Pics that were taken. People seriously I'm working off my Ass to change the Look and Image of the Diesel Washington Character and there are several projects coming up that will slam people!!! Stay tuned!!!!


Jess said...

Hey D,

What's popping? God knows I hate the colour green but in your case, man you really know how to work with the camera...

Keep on changing and improving the Diesel character: that's what's going to show the WORLD what a true star you are.

Take care and regards,
Jessy A.

Anonymous said...

interesting nice to see you exploring the depths of your character keep doing you man the sky is the limit

Anonymous said...

the sports look looks very nice they all are very good , you dont need to play the role of the angry black man forever ...crack a smile once in a while