Monday, March 26, 2007


Well lets start at the Black Party, Geez what a fucking mess!!! Same Shit all the time, a bunch of drugged out Queens running around in the Club, sucking cock, taking loads in the ass(Yes Sir!!!)and acting a fool. Now I was alittle worried about the Black Party this weekend, I dont know I always get nervous when I perform. And yes I performed as well, well lets get started shall we??:
Now I wind up going to the Black Party around 2am, I was too busy running around that whole weekenddoing my Parttime Job as Escort. Now when I get to the club, Im dressed in Leather Coat, Vest, Tshirt all Black, and then wearing the standard Camo Pants as my lower body wear. Lines are long and I hate waiting around to get inside, But Titan had made arrangements for "Us" to join the party and have some Fun. When I come through the door, I head for Performers entrance. I was met at the desk, by the Stage manager who immediately escorted me upstairs. Now usual when U go into the Performers Area, theres alot of Sex going on Back Stage. I walk through the door, First thing I see Is some little Twinky boy getting deep fisted backstage. Now I know I might be cocky and alittle Overconfident, but I have a funny trait that I like doing. People always seem to Stiffen Up whenever I walk into a Room(not dick hard fuckers)somewhat scared like Im going to do something... I would think by now People would Know If Im in the Performers Area then I must be perorming. So anyway, I walk into the Room seeing this boy getting fisted, I sit down on the couch that they have in the Back Room and just watch, Now watching, I see that people are uneasy that a "New" person is in the room(Who Knows It might me being 6'6 245lbs with a mean face on.) So everybody starts getting dressed, pulling cock out of their asses and mouths. Then the worst thing happens, people start having conversations getting to know each other. I was damn, as soon as I come into a room and people are having sex, getting fisted and fucked, but get all pussy when I come into a room??? Thats Fucking Funny!!
I have learned through the Years, when Ur a Performer, u have to get into ur zone and get ready to Perform. Some like to be alone, some like to listen to thier IPods(whatever). I had to load up on water(Oh yes) and check out the stage. I heard this time on stage they had like a ready made Fisting Swing and some other Devices. I saw some familiar faces in the Back, FetishLads , Jake Deckard, Dean Flynn(Titan Brother was fooling around with him after the Show) other People who I have seen at Various Parties. I gave them their time so I stepped out to check out stage. Yup Fisting Equipment, and BlackHardwood everything for a good show. I returned to the Back Room this time shirtless and ready for action. I was recieved warmly in the backroom this time, and blessed to have three guys servicing me. I had one boy sucking on my right ball, the other one sucking my dick, and the other one sucking my left ball(picture that!!). Stage Time:
I decided to go on Stage when I was ready and then joined some Performance Group that was tying some guy down with Duck Tape and Suspending him. We all know the routine, they have to Prep him and Wrap him in Tape(which takes forever) and some of the other guys wanted to get on Stage and dance. So I sat at the end of stage waiting for everybody to get on stage. Now the Stage Manager is telling me that the Shows have been hot. But they have been missing some really Freaky shit and Dominating Spirit to handle the crowd. So on stage, U have four guys working on prepping some slave with Ducktape and three guys dancing around on stage. On Stage some of the boys were from (Whats Up Fellas) I sat there talking to Stage manager and he asks"So What are Ya doing on Stage Diesel??" I said probably some Pissplay. He was like "Why dont Ya get on Stage??? Make this Crowd Wild!!! Just go on Stage and Start Pissing on Everybody" I was like Bet!!!! I had to piss and loaded up on 8 bottles of water so I was geared and ready. I started pissing on the dancers, and then the guys working on the boy on Stage(at this point I didnt give a Fuck I started pissing into Crowd, unlike Las Vegas U can show cock, ass, fuck on stage, Fist whatever) Some of the Other Performers started to take the stage. Jake Deckard(StallionMan)comes on stage and starts pissing on me!!! He shot out a couple of drops of piss(drops!!) I hose him down like he was on Fire!!!! The Crowd starts yelling Piss War Piss War!!! Sorry Jake, U thought u was big Man, U see me on stage just not giving a fuck and pissing on people. U then jump on stage, and want to piss on me, Fine!!! He should have realized I was working with 8 bottles of water. He had to kneel there, and wait for me to empty my Bladder, he was totally drowned in piss. Now this stage, has seen alot of Action that night. So saying the Stage was a mess was a understatement. I was done, I proved my point and had fun doing it. I got off stage and headed for back room, there I washed abit(keeping my armpits like smelly weapons)and just relaxed. The Back room was packed now!!! All types of things were happening in the back. I cant remember everything that happened but all I can remember there were alot of asses, alot of condoms, tubes of lube, rubber gloves, belts, whips chains etc etc. I was hanging out with Damien Crosse, and his Bf Angelo great guys and just dancing and crowd watching.
Details Details the party was wild everything U think that could happen probably did!! Guys getting fucked in Toliets and the Dance floor. One guy even took a shit on the dance floor!! People I dont make this shit up, back rooms, Dark rooms and nasty boys. I cant even think about going into a dark room(no offense to the Night creatures) but I like to see the person that my dick is going into!! Such a wild night, way way too long of a night!!! No pics I didnt bring my camera and I think that was the best idea. Everybody was so cracked out and drugged up!! I was good to Party I had three drinks(free of course)and was buzzed. I dont drink like I did in San Fran anymore, was so tired and sick the next day.. So that is all I have to post today, I want to talk about some things in next blog.
I been been harsh and immature lately and just not happy to be around nowadays. All I can say people bear with me. Im still dealing with issues concerning breakup, one thing to be involved with a person for 4 years, another thing to settle business(getting clothes back, dividing up things that we bought together, bank accounts, living arrangements etc etc) Its taking me a long time to"Finish Things" So bear with me people. I have hurt some people lately by me being Immature and Lashing out. More in the Next blog

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