Monday, March 12, 2007


Since coming into the business I have had a great time so far. The porn thing is cool, and Im still getting over the fact that I get recognized all the time. Yeah I know, that sounds cocky and full myself yeah I know. But come on, Im 6'6 and 245lbs so I stand out like a sore thumb, and it doesnt help that they arent many Black Performers in this business as well. So for the Fans out there, I can be a dick sometimes yes I can!!!!!. I used to be on the other side of things and see my favorite porn stars out and about, and used to talk to them for a response. Most of the responses have been positive(some even want me to fuck them)and some not so nice. I realize Now!!!, that some people can have a Off day and really dont want to be bothered. Doing the business myself has opened my eyes, so maybe I can unfairly judge people cause of a bad day. So I have to be honest, Lately I have been alittle harsh on some Fans(cause of Breakup)and maybe they dont read my blog to know what Im going through. For that I will say "SORRY", I know how it is. U see ur favorite porn star out and about, and u have watched their movies and read their blog. U feel that u know the person, and u want to say hello or have conversation, and sometimes they cant be bothered or just want to be left alone. We then assume they think They are "Hot Shit" and Concieted(writing off the fly, I before E except after C I dont knowLOL) Fucks. Lets be Realistic, Porn stars have to have a "Certain"image" around people.
We live in a Culture that likes to "Idol Worship" lets be real. That is not a reference to Religion, Politics, Material things(although it applys)Im just talking about Entertainment. We bulid up the People in Entertainment cause of their Talent, Looks, Skill, Hard Work, with that comes Fame, Money, VIP treatment. We hold them To a Higher Level(wheter RockStar or Pornostar)and think they have it all and U want to live the Lifestyle they are(Money Wise, SexLife, at least a day in their shoes)its exciting, all the attention and drama. With that success comes the Haters, the People who Use ya, the People who Love Ya, and all that gray space that is in the middle of that. The Curse of that "Idol Worship" is that we always have to be"ON"(ie Look at me!!!!my real name isnt Diesel, honestly my Close Friends call me.......LOL)and we always have to "Look Ur Best" The Body has to be Right, Face, Attitude, Walk, Voice etc etc.. Thats the Easy part for me, cause Im always on point!! What worries me though, we are quick to bulid them up but even quicker to "Tear Them Down"(ie Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Tom Cruise etc etc). So this was my Humble Start wow Dec 2005!!!! Have I been writing this blog that long???? Wow!! Now some are probably reading this for the first time(I dont Blame ya!! alot to read). U see I misspelled words there as well in that older blog. This is where I changed my body to get ready for Porn I cant believe I had that fucking gut!!! People its funny reading over ur own shit!! and seeing the change before ur eyes(thats why I started this Blog). My First Time at Hustlaball 2006 and more Hustlaball 2006 Fuck since then things have changed Im signed to Titan Now!! Anton Harri is signed to Colt. Ricky is doing his thing in Las Vegas and still working his magic in movies, Tony Bishop still performs in Europe, Fox still escorts in Nyc. And Hustlaball 2006 is where I first met Howard from (his site is new and improved great look) Steven from (My first Fan/Reviewer whats up Man!!!) Also I had some bad times moving on........
My First blog where I talked so much shit about Fucking FUCKING FUCKING.........FUCKING I have to admit I was a cocky motherfucker in that blog, But come on fellas/girls Can I Fuck or What!!!!! I told ya I was a Hard Fucking Machine Now since it has passed to Light and the movies are out. All I have to say is "Folsom Filth" if I didnt back up every word I said then I was full of shit(NOT!!!!!!)
My First Time being discovered by Titan great times great times.
Folsom Filth, this was such a good blog to write, I didnt know it then, but that movie "Put Diesel Washington on the Raydar" and reading over that I was so blind back then wow what a Year!!!
Im asked in emails what was my favorite blog???? hmmmmm my best blogs were Money Hungry Dogs this blog was important cause People opened their eyes and really took notice of me. Its the truth people!!!! And probably the Las Vegas Trip, I really enjoyed remembering it all Wow What a Rush!!!
So again if ur reading this for the First Time, no I didnt just jump into the Scene overnight. I worked hard to get to this spot right now. And no its not going to Last Forever!!! Thats why U save every dime now while its hot. And keep pushing to do more and more. So this blog started by talking about how People bulid ya up to tear ya down. So Im still new to this Game, Wonder when U will start taking me down(probably never, but u dont know in this business, when people get tired of seeing ya its time to go) So dont mind some Porn stars, we all have "Off Days" but give us a Second chance. We are all not Cunts like Ben Andrews(for u Size Queens) and Omer(Hot little boy with bubble ass) where we have to play "Movie Star" even when ur around other PornStars. I mean Act Pretty when the camera is on or when the Press is around, but bring that Fake bullshit to me, Im not having it. I tell it like it is People, no hate there just being honest. Thanks for reading, Now get the fuck outta here and go fuck or something!!!??!!


filmfanatikk said...

Great post. My only question is when are you going to bring that hard fucking machine to LA, so us fans here can get a chance to chat you up in person?????

Anonymous said...

Having read your recent blogs I gotta say, you should 'think' a bit more before you post. You're probably a nice guy, but you come across as arrogant and immature. Remember you'll only be a successful porn star for as long as people pay to watch your videos. And gay porn stars have notoriously short shelf-lives.

Diesel Washington said...

Another anonymous blogger, while I respect ur Opinion, I have told people from the start that I was arrogant, cocky, and confident. As far as being immature and gay porn stars having a short shelf life. All u are doing is repeating exactly what I said in other bloggings. I know I can't do this forever. But while Im here Im going to have as much fun as I can. And if that means Im immature cause I like to have fun and be honest to fans about the experiences I have, then so be it. How mature is it to Hate on me, state ur feelings about me, but cant Man up and leave ur name!!!! That sounds like a little kid who sucker punches a Big kid but then runs away!!!!And tells the teacher that some kid is bothering him.

brmerrick said...
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Anonymous said...

you are very blunt in your blog and it is refreshing. I was wondering in an early post you said that Mario Cruz ignored you when you both were out. I was wondering why he did that? I love your work