Monday, March 03, 2008


Okay my movie finally drops............ this is the best work I have ever done in film thus far!!!!!!!!!!!!! It sounds like a mouthful but I don't need to bullshit ya people, the movie is the best work I have done hands down period the end.........

If people ignore this movie then I know for a fact that this industry is full of shit and I really need to retire. I was prepared for this movie, mentally, physically and marketing wise. I was paired with the best models working in the industry today. From Top to bottom I watched each scene looking for either low energy or where I need correction flawless is the action. Even the other scenes of the movie are on point and hot.

I have two scenes in the movie in which basically I'm the main character and the movie revolves around me and my character. Mister Sagat and Damien Crosse also have a hot one on one scene that is really hot and nasty. Titan Exclusive Dillon Buck also has an outstanding scene in the movie as well. Co stars Alex Baresi and Rick Van Sant also show very impressive bottoming scenes. Read the profile on the movie:

TitanMen exclusive Diesel Washington, a wealthy, well-dressed urbanite, steps out onto the terrace of his apartment overlooking the city and peers into his Telescope. He pans across the skyline, spying on the sexual stories unfolding across the naked city in this massive two-disc fuckfest directed by Brian Mills.

TitanMen exclusive Damien Crosse is sunbathing in the park when he gets cruised heavily by TitanMen exclusive Francois Sagat. Finding a secluded outdoor spot, the two trade blowjobs and piss on each other before they cum. Damien then pounds Francois’s ass, taking a break from the intense fuck only to piss on him some more.

Next, Diesel points his telescope at TitanMen exclusive Rick van Sant, who gets thrown on his bed by Andrew Justice; after they suck a load out of each other, Andrew bends Rick over and fucks another volley of jizz out of him.

Diesel phones his valet, Steven Ponce, who’s in need of some disciplinary action. After trading spit-drenched blowjobs and shooting big blasts of cum, Diesel throws Steven around on his massive cock in one of the most intense fuck scenes you’ve ever seen.

TitanMen exclusive Dillon Buck takes Lars Svenson to a dark garage where things quickly get hot and heavy. Rodrigo De Leon joins in and sucks them both off; the three then take turns fucking each other until they each shoot a second load.

For the finale, we meet Diesel and Rick again, this time in a dark warehouse. Having watched him for so long, Diesel can’t wait to impale the blond stud on his mighty cock. TitanMen exclusive Alex Baresi joins in for another intense three-way fuck, and after they shoot their cum, they move into an even more intense fisting and double foot-fucking scene that will leave you speechless!

What more Can I say???? Its out there for the world to see and its a must buy!!! But now comes where I always have to do my ranting thing.............

Mentally I was ready for this movie I went in with the idea that I would change the Diesel character and make him more charming and sexy while keeping that hardcore image. I watched my previous movies just to make sure that my face and body was ready for the angles and positions and worked on bringing some new fuck styles into the picture. I have a new position that I call the "Bully" I watch porn(alot of porn) and I have never seen this position used by any performer so I will claim that new position for myself and again its called the "Bully" so remember that when u see the movie and u will be left watching like damn!!!!So be ready people!!!!

Physically I was ready for the movie cause I hit the gym as hard possible to make sure that my body was the best it could be and that people couldn't say anything about my body cause I was in the best shape of my life in this movie(And I continue to grow everyday).

Marketing Wise............ Okay if U guys already didn't know I'm not the main character on the box cover................ This is my starring role and this movie is finally Diesel's movie. OKAY........... This is probably one of the hardest blogs to write because everybody is waiting on my response about the movie!!! And def about the BOX COVER!!!

Here it goes........ I thought long and hard about things... esp the box cover. THIS IS MY MOVIE, MY BEST WORK TO DATE AND I'M NOT THE MAIN FEATURE ON THE BOX COVER. I was upset, mad, confused and let down and had some very harsh words for My Company, the Industry and the people closest to me who also worked on this project with me. And I over reacted and was instantly depressed about my future in porn and I felt like I was being used!!!!!! I was blinded..... but it all came to light when I thought about it over and over.

I like to apologize to my Company, People that worked with me on this project and the Industry as a whole. Marketing is a bitch, and I'm a grown man. Lets face facts folks. I'm a Black Man in this Industry and some people will not like me or be into me because I'm black or just because I'm not every body's Cup of Tea(hardcore play fisting footing etc etc....) But this movie is my Baby, I worked hard on the scenes and put everything I had into these scenes. The best way to Market the Movie is not to put me as the lead model on the Box Cover why????? why???? Because the movie will sell more copies because there is a Handsome White man on the cover!!!! Period!!!!

While this is Wrong!!!! Most buyers of DVDs buy the movie because the Box cover!!!! If I was on the Box cover, immediately people will think this movie is a Black Movie and the most intense fuck scenes and action will be lost to the public because of a Simple Box cover!!! Its hard to swallow for me but its the truth. Some of White America will not buy the product because it has a African American on the Box cover. Sad but true, at the same time I have heard from the Black Community that my own people wont buy DVDs because there are not enough Black models in Main stream porn. So there I sit in the middle of the fence of this and that. Geez business is business, if another talented model has to be put on the box cover for my movie to be sold, then so be it. My work will speak for itself, and White America(ignorant part of White America) bought into the hype. Image the shock of buying the movie because of the Extremely Handsome white man on box cover and finding out that the main character of the movie is a Handsome Black man fucking, fisting, and footing the Handsome White Man on the Box Cover. Total mind fuck and I love it!!! Now I don't want to get political and say this and that but after some hard thinking I'm very happy with the outcome of the movie and Box cover.

To make this make sense to people not understanding the whole process of marketing. Denzel Washington starred in many movies playing the main character of the movie but always needed a equally star powered White Actor to Co star with him that way the movie didnt become into a Black Movie. Ie... Peilcan Brief Denzel and Julia Roberts, Philadelphia Denzel and Tom Hanks, Crimson Tide Denzel and Gene Hackman, Courage Under Fire Denzel and Meg Ryan, Training Day Denzel and Ethan Hawke for which he won his first Best Actor Oscar. His first Oscar was Best Supporting Actor in Glory again Denzel Washington and Matthew Broderick so there is a definite pattern to this movie making business and I have to learn that in order for ya to shine u have to play the game until U have crossed over and made such an impact that people have to recognize ya for Ur talent and skills.
So to keep this short, I'm proud of this movie and the work I done and also of the work of the other models in the movie. Finally a movie starring Diesel with great supporting actors behind him, great script, and a well rounded movie that is exciting to watch from beginning to end. I like all my movies and have worked with great models that worked hard to make a great finished project. I'm proud to work for Titan and things are just exciting right now but I have more planned for the future and u need to stay tuned to that. My next movie Folsom Prison will be another must movie to have because I turn in another commanding role and many people will be shocked to see the Diesel character in a situation that he has never been in.


strong4u said...

Congrats on your new movie! I've always recognized Titan as the captain of white porn. Thus, I'm not surprised they featured a white male on the cover. Seriously, how many black men buy Titan films? Probably not many, because they tend to feature pale white men and they cost anywhere from $55-$75 bucks. Most black men I know, even the middle-class are not willing to spend $75 bucks on a film featuring only one black man.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct on this. Where have you been? You know you have one of the top 5 bodies in porn..yes i watch i lot too,,but you do have to cross over!! your blackness is a blessing and a curse.You got the mad dick but also with the mad'tude..Now Think about this- your friends will pat you on your back and congrat u but...your adversaries show u what u are really made of!

Dre said...

I look forward to seeing this..sounds sexy dawg!!!

Anonymous said...

Your blog entry made the front page of TheSword! Agreed, you deserve prime cover placement. You're a fucking star.

ricky sinz said...

diesel its your man in chitown ricky sinz this industry as too many stupid hangups about taboos and marketing, i dont know if im the typical white american but i think your a fierce performer. you seem to always top every performance you do, you have the body of a good, your hung like a bull, your intelligent, and your a cool cat, maybe they just put the guy in front of you to stop the hordes of fans from beating each other down to get the last copy of your dvd at the dick shop,
your a unique performer and you bring alot to the table to every project youir involved with dont think your second to anyone, because when they see the film they will know whos running things,
stay safe and ill see you soon in florida
your friend
ricky sinz

Frank said...

You have a good point and should let the work speak for itself.You have many fans out there seeking your movies and don't care who is on the box cover.A guy e-mailed me on MySpace after seeing me on your last post and asked for some Diesel pics cos he is a huge fan of yours.The industry has a habit of not putting certain models on the box cover.Don't let it get you down Diesel,your still an excellent performer in my book.

Markus Ram said...

You know how I feel about this issue man, and you are right. We are caught between a rock and a hard place... especially you because you are putting it out there so much right now.

You work really hard to create mainstream acceptance for black models in this very white industry, then get the economic reality bitchslap when you find out about the very real truth that boxcovers with black models sell less. And unfortunately that is a quantifiable fact. (QUICK NOTE TO ANYONE READING THIS: Even though that may be a dollars and cents fact with respect to boxcovers, it in no way can be used as a reason for not hiring more black performers in mainstream porn.)

In the end, what matters most is that the work gets out there AND that people get a chance to see you do your star turn. And after having worked with you man, you are definitely a star.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Diesel, it truely is a great movie & having just watched it - you are the MAN! I honestly don't think it is a racist issue, I mean in fairness look at DILLON BUCK, seriously, who was not only the voice over in Mens Room 3 Ozark Mtn Exit 8 but had the most scenes & did he feature at ALL on the cover, NOT A BIT! I had been looking forward to seeing MR3 after the hype & he must have been gutted that as you put it 'your feature movie' he was merely mentioned on the back cover! That I know of, he hasnt mentioned any disappointment, but clearly SHOULD! Yes I am a huge fan of his as well as your work and have all releases by both of you so far. HONESTLY I think it is the marketing .... I mean what is up with that? Blame the MARKETING guys for the film! You ROCK!! Your fan Mark

Anonymous said...

You're totally right about the marketing. Honestly, you'd expect more from a the gay community, who claims to be progressive. But I have known so many non-white gay friends who have left activism with other gays because it's too white and the mainstream gay community doesn't care about race.
You are also doing what so many black men can't do - breaking into a market one scene, one shot, and one boxcover at a time. Keep on doing it for us!

Anonymous said...

totally off topic, but when are you going to fuck dean flynn (on camera!)?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you have noticed that the body building magazines rarely put black stars on their covers, but often feature few other athletes inside those same covers. Even when Weider had a black editor (Rick Wayne, who also posed for male porno!) the magazine never featured black men on the covers. Wayne was not apologetic. Weider wanted white teens to buy his magazine and he wanted cover models to whom those teens related. That's Old School! It's time that Titan realizes this is the age of Obama and Michael Jordan and so many other black stars who bestow the essence of cool on everything around them. I admit that porno runs on stereotypes, but the most successful producers have broken up the old models and explored new territory. Time for a change.