Sunday, November 02, 2008



Okay I had a Blast at the Eagle I was on stage on the 3rd Floor and killing it... I had to take a Piss and I cleared it with Max so every so often during the dancing, I would stop and take a Piss into a bucket that was on the stage.... I was On a raised Platform about 9 feet in the air over looking the Dancing audience.... So of course I had to let it rain(some of the piss, happened to over shot into the crowd)anyway another wet but still dancing Diesel Washington....

Then It was on the Main Stage on the First floor, I got up on stage with Mike Dreydan and Ty Hudson... I was picking up Ty and Mike and throwing them around and Ass eating.. Ty was doing alittle bit of Sounding(look it up) and Mike was being the Local Bottom Bitch boy to throw around on stage... Force fed him some cock and all that good stuff...

Anyway it has been a long long long weekend and I had to get this post up just to make sure the Fans know that....... I do care about ya I really do!!

Hmm What Else is New in Business.... Hmmm Some people are knowing the Inside of things.... It seems that People want to know What Im doing....

I keep this Hush Hush cause I want it to come out like Bam Bam All in ur Face.... Its not like I went any where and things are rolling as smooth as they can For now.....

Hmmm What Else?? Who knows but this will keep ya busy for at least a couple of mins I will make sure to do a Post about the Gym training. I took on a New Partner and its going very well.....

Peace Bitches

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Anonymous said...


You truly are a great Star and I'd like to see you Starring in more lead roles and in more movies.

I agree with the dude that wants to see you Top Matthew Rush and Marc Williams as both these guys have hot physiques and have both bottomed before.

Matthew and Marc are so perfectly ideal for you and the few times they have bottomed,it has not been as hot as it could be, as their then partners just didn't have any where near your unique talents and true skills as a top.

Marc probably has the very best and hottest Ass in porn and you really would bring the absolute best out of Marc if you top him, it would be such a hot landmark scene. Whilst you topping Mathew would be the scene of the year.

Thanks for all your great work and the pleasure you provide us fans.