Thursday, November 13, 2008


Okay, I had some time to think...........

I read other blogs, websites, bah bah bah and its funny.... some People have me written off already..... OH REALLY!!!


Some Models(Newly Signed Exclusives) in passing, asking me things like "So How are ya Doing???" "Hows Free Agent Treating Ya??" Newbies!!!

The Veterans are looking at me Scared......... Their Asses are Now on the Chopping Blocks!!!!

GutterBunnies coming up who just want to Ride on Ur Gravy train.....No Real Skills or Talent!! Bitches!!!

And then U have Diesel In the Middle of This.............

I have Been successful so far......But there is a New Wave of Porn Stars coming through......

I see it First Hand.... The Younger/Inexperienced and Mature models are now coming into the Game.....

Already coming at me with the "How I get into the Industry??" Each one wanting to do something different, bring some "New Element" into the game. I'm Glad..... Work Hard Bitches!!!

I don't hand out Stamps of Approval On each Ass I fuck..... Well Maybe I do?????MAYBE I DO??

Lets explore this????:

On some Basic level... Models that I have worked with in the past... All Have Went On and became Successful in their Own Right... I'm Dead Serious!!! Sometimes I tend to Over Think Things but this is Funny... But Lets rewind, So U understand What I'm talking about....

Hitch was my First Movie

Folsom Filth was My Second Movie.. from this Movie.. Alex Baresi, Brendan Davies were my Scene partners... Alex would later be signed as Exclusive. And Brendan went on to being in Folsom Leather and many other roles with Falcon, Titan, Raging, and other companies.. Start of the Pattern

Crossing the Line Cop Shack 2 scene partners Trey Casteel, and Patrick O' Connor... Trey went on to many roles with Raging Stallions, Mustang and other companies. Patrick O Connor went on to Colt, Mustang and other companies as well....

Boiler My Scene Partner CJ Knight..... CJ Knight went on to become a Hot House Exclusive... Hmmmmmm?

Fear My scene partners Sagat(He was already Famous) but what about CJ Madison, Brodie Newport.. CJ Madison went on to work with Jet Set, Falcon, Mustang, and other companies before he retired. Brodie Newport went on to doing some work for, Titan and other companies and continues to turn out good work..

Breakers Dillon Buck, Victor Banda no pattern here both Exclusives.

Telescope partner Steven Ponce went on to doing work with Falcon, and Lead model on Bait Bus reality Porn.. Alex and Rick both Exclusives Still holding on to that pattern!!!

Folsom Prison, Partners Markus Ram, Bjorn ..... Love Ya Markus!!!! but I have to talk about ya!!!! LOL!!! Markus Ram comes out of retirement and we film this amazing scene.... Since.. Markus has work with CH1 releasing, Dirty Bird, Titan and his Movie Career is taking off in Full force(Wish Ya the Best!! For real!!LOL)

Double Standard Eric Moreau... Time will tell If the Pattern still holds up...

And my Last Movie, the Basketball Story with Kameron Scott I hope the pattern is just something that isnt real and is all in my Head!!! Fuck!!!

But it doesn't stop there. I remember pointing out Wolf Hudson to ya!!! Saying How this Kid busts his ass, Hes getting alot of Press lately and killing his scenes on, Mustang, Jetset, Falcon, Titan, the list goes on and on...........I have to talk to him about his New Title " King of Kink" crown. Its all Love Wolf!! We need to work together.... My Cute Prince of Kink..... that's right I said it!!!LOL

And I remember telling ya about Kirk Cummings who I met in Palm Springs... This Kid is everywhere... Catch him on cover of FreshMan Mag and, Hot House Back room, Suite 703, Falcon Best Man. They grow up so fast!!!

To further prove my point......Shit no lie... some young twink who worked with a Twink studio came to me for advice(LOL), I trained him at the gym, gave him advice on what to do..... We had a falling out, several months later, he comes back to porn 15lbs added muscle and the name Dean Carter(the name I gave him)and is working with Jet Set and some other websites....

People are reading this and saying...... maybe he is on to something??? and needs to make money off of it??

Others reading probably think Im crazy!!!

Now either I surround myself with Good Performers...... or Am I missing something????

Now this is not a Diss Blog at all!!!!! Its just funny that I worked with all these people and all of them has continued on.... still working, still getting press, and still performing at A level status.. The ones I haven't worked with I gave them my support or backing and Bam Bam..... I know They are that Good!!! It doesn't take anything away from them being Great Performers....backing or no backing... just funny How I see things sometime. Its like the Midas touch....... Well its My Time Now!!!
Just Over thinking is All......AM I???

Anyway!!!!... Now maybe people wont be scared to work with me...... U will be alive after the shoot!!!! It may even boost up Ur press/stardom a couple of clicks.......

I can already Hear People saying Diesel U think Ur all of that!!!! Bah Bah bah....No I don't think I'm all of that.... Just that everybody I worked with has gone on and done some great work..... Just thinking Am I the Dick that u have to take to get to the A list for a bottom???

If I am.... I will take that title...... So If U think UR that high powered bottom that can take any dick.... STEP UP!!!!


Breaking in Fresh New faces daily!!! HELL YEAH I WILL TAKE THAT TITLE!!!



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Markus Ram said...

Yo, maybe it's that you are in the eye of it all and can't see the larger picture -- that maybe we all wanted to work with you to get to where you are. I know that's what I was looking to do back when we filmed... I wanted to push myself to match you in intensity and performance.

Consider it a high compliment that many of us feel that way about working with you. ;-)