Friday, June 03, 2011


Another quick post, I landed in Orlando and getting ready for a good time out here. If your in this neck of the woods come out and see Me.I don't bite and for this trip, I might even let people touch my Chest!! It seems that everybody is always grabbing or rubbing or playing with my Chest. At first it gets annoying..

But I want the crowd to enjoy themselves, and for this trip I will allow it!!

Anyway another post later....

I'm out in Orlando BITCH!!

1 comment: said...

Dear Diesel, I know very well that you should be working to fill gaps in your heart, I just write you to know that this other side of the world you have someone who sends you his best wishes to make you feel better soon and I hope that you are back with a beautiful smile on your face, a sign that everything has been fixed.
With love.

Adrian from Buenos Aires.