Thursday, June 02, 2011


Vid by Fabscout

I have to show a different side to Fans, some people do not like kids...I LOVE KIDS!!! I'm a big kid so I guess I have alot in common..

Anyway above I'm Hamming it up on the Dino Ride

Gay Days post coming next...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Diesel, I know you're having a hard personal time, I know my words sound empty and more than I say "sorry" does not make sense for you, for I am not he that through the bad times , You are going through this time alone, and sometimes words are not enough.
As I watched the video, I just thought about what goes through your mind and your heart at that time and even though you show a smile your eyes show how sad you are.
I know that sometimes life hits hard, but I know very well that love when it hits, can let you knock out.
This bad time that you go through it, will, you will rise as many times you've done and get on with your life, I do not know if I'll do with Petey or not, I just wish that if this can be and that makes you well , then so be it. But if that should not be, do not lose hope of finding love again.
We all need to be loved, we all need a hug, a kiss, I know this sounds stupid and that many may think: "Why this idiot writes to a porn star about love, about to be hugged and kissed?, this is an idiot! ", it might be an idiot, but you know what I think? Diesel Washington has no right to keep and enjoy it too?, many may believe that being a porn star you have no feelings, but I think you do have them and not only look at what you write in your blog, this is look in your eyes, this looks in their eyes I see in your photos, your last video.
If I can see that, maybe ... just maybe ... Petey also can see ... I would think so.
I send a big hug from Buenos Aires.

Adrian .-