Thursday, June 02, 2011


Okay I went to Chi Town for the Grabbys awards.....

Don't get mad cause this will be a fast post..

Highlights of the Grabby Trip:

Meeting models that had nothing but love for Diesel, in no real order I added comments for each porn star. If I talked to ya I remember everything. Yeah I play like I'm stoned and don't give a fuck. But its always better to make people think that your a mess because then U can see what THEY are really up to.... Sneaky sneaky anyway road call...

Bobby Clark- yes u got bigger and your ass filled out nicely yummy. Still looking porn ready cute boy. Hugs

Trent Diesel- you have been a busy boy, I wanted to kick it with ya. But I see your going through some stuff, I'm going through the same shit myself so I wanted to give you space to have a wild night

Tommy Defendi- love Tommy!! I owe you big time Homey!! You kept Me on the high road all weekend for that I'm really grateful..

Dayton O'Connor- Argh....You got a chance to watch Me sleep(I hate when people watch me sleep) Thank God your cute as fuck, next time I'm climbing in bed with ya...ummm TMI let me shut up!!

Jason Crew- Love you man, I want to say Thanks for putting Me up for the night when I got stuck in Chi Town I had a great time watching movies and Family guy with ya Homey. Your alittle crazy sometimes but that is what I LOVE about ya!!

Mike Rivers- your a cutie, remember what I said to you and BF that is happening in Orlando YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

Alexx Garrett- READ ABOVE

Kirk Cummings and BF- Ummm pot brownies really??? Stoned out!! Kirk you look great your Bf is training the hell outta ya. Wow your body is looking sick right now. Congrats and good luck with everything happening in the future.

Wade Westin- I see you....I just had to play with your feet! Tickle Tickle!!HAHA and your right I will play with more than your feet next time.

Parker Perry- dude when your were sitting on my lap in the cab ride, I popped a boner. I know you felt it cause you caught grinding in my lap the whole cab ride. Guess what?? That shit felt GOOD!! You sexy hairy puppy!! And the reason why I don't pull out my cock? I'm an escort in my heart, and Daddy has to get paid for Dick flashing.

Alex Rocks- hey homey you were right next door to my hotel room, I should have opened the door and invited you to tear up that ass of urs. But I was a gentlemen that weekend....Next time I see you NO MISTER NICE GUY!! BTW love the country accent. Yummy!

Lex Sabre- You know I have seen more than a few of your bottoming scenes and u take that dick well...Yummmy!! And the whole Dawson Riley just pissed Me off. Who the fuck he thinks he is??? Thanks for the backing on that subject.

Preston Steel- dude that was so cool of ya to introduce yourself to Me. You want the truth?? I knew who you were you didn't have to explain to Me. But I was glad that you had the balls to come up to Me and Kick it!! Most porn stars are too stuck up to do that...I come up to other porn stars all the time and give them Love, after all We work the same business..

Dante Escobar- Glad to see another Man of Color in the business, let me know if you need any help in promotion homey. Men of Color have to stick together in this business, there aren't many of us but we need to stay connected together. And that comment backstage at the Grabbys hurt a bit, but you don't know Me very well but I will give you a pass for now..I'm watching you

Dylan Hauser- the weekend started rough on ya HAHAAH but I'm glad you pulled yourself together and had a great time when you was out there. Thanks for being so cute and nice and taking the time to talk to Me.

Tom Wolfe- your a crazy fucker!! I was worn out when We were dancing on Stage. Your almost getting too heavy(muscle)for Me to pick you up in the air(I said almost)Anyway you crazy fucker!! I still remember the comment you made at the table when we were eating, your a smart fucker!! And I like the way you think...DON'T LET IT GET TO YOUR HEAD BRO. HAHAH

Billy Byron- sexy sexy sexy, Yes I wanted to fuck you!! There I said it. But I was alittle busy at the time, next time I run into ya. I will RUN INTO YA!! You think I didn't notice you pushing out your ass every time I walked by ya?? Glad I had a chance to play with ya on stage. Your fucking ripped!!

Jeremy Bilding- sorry to hear that your leaving the gay side of the business(I know it gets rough)I wish you continued success in the porn business. Also THANK YOU for being so open and honest with Me when We were talking at the After party at the hotel. I didn't expect that you would be so open with Me and for that U have my Respect and attention(my eyes are on that ass of urs)

703Justin- you made the upset of the night, When they announced the winner of the Grabby and people were sitting there shocked. I was the one that yelled "You Go Justin" A well deserved win...don't let the haters WIN!! Just make them hate you more!! And your BF is cute.....Whoops let me back away now...HAHA

Steve Pena and Husband- on the real I don't think I'm getting bigger or taller, I think I'm getting older and older is all. Thanks for the love and you and your husband looked hot at the Grabbys Yummy!! And I think your the one that is getting bigger every time I see ya... Just saying!

Brandon Wilde- for a white boy you got that booty dance down!! And that pink suit you wore to Grabbys that shit was BUTTER!! Your growing up right in front of my eyes and the little boy I first met is long gone. Your turning into a Man!! Yummy!!

Jaxxon Miller- okay this is a hard one, when I first saw you I wanted to run up to you and pick you up in the air and throw you around. Of course it would have been one of those moments "Oh look at Diesel, throwing around twinks again" so I kept my distance. But when you climbed on that bed and started giving Me a massage I was like "Oh no now everybody will think Diesel chasing the twinks again" I should have said FUCK IT!! Threw you down on the bed and handled business...Fuck what people think!! But....I was also with somebody at the time so it would have been a bad look..Next time cute boy!! Next your ass is mine. BTW that body is bigger I see the difference and it looks good on ya. Your booty is turning into a bubble now....I see you!!

Eric Austyn- don't starve yourself homey!!Your stomach muscle were on fire on stage, so fucking ripped. Yummy sorry I had you holding my coat(I had a show to do)next time instead of holding my coat, you will be holding my dick!! Just playing(no being serious)LOL

Donny Wright- Thank you Shy guy for letting me throw you around on stage. I could tell you were alittle nervous I'm glad I could help ease your nerves and just have some fun on stage. Plus I will kick your ass in Marvel VS Capcom(although I no longer have a PlayStation *ouch) It was good talking to ya and hanging out with ya at Hydrate! I'm sure I will run into you again homey..

Scotty B- glad I had the chance to run into ya!! And no I don't have any plans to visit LA anytime soon.. No offense just not my neck of the woods

Brent Corrigan- glad I had a chance to talk to ya and I will be seeing you in Orlando. We need to talk about what kind of show we will put on...Nasty!!

Matthew Rush- saw ya briefly in Chi town but I will see more of ya in Orlando seems like a Flashback to 2008 PHouse

Calvin Knight- great seeing you face to face finally!! Your a cute short muscle pup yummy. Love those ears!!

Scott Alexander- BIG BIG BIG SHOUT OUT to my Twin, dude if it wasn't for us that party would not have started..Porn stars walking around in their drawers afraid to jump on the stage and dance tsk tsk tsk its always takes the brothers to start the party Right??? Great seeing ya again BTW our scene is still soaring to the clouds and shit. I guess its true fans want to see two fine brothers going at it. I'm glad that We could give the fans what they wanted!!

Casey Monroe- damn your ripped now and I love the new ink on your skin. Work the fuck out of that man...Good luck for the future!

Jason Sparks- nice seeing you again homey!! Let me know when I can fuck the shit out of your exclusive. I would rip that motherfucker in half.....

Mr Pam- always a pleasure seeing you baby girl. You caused some scandals out in Chi town. hahahah

Erynn Vaehne- so cool to bump into ya, sorry I asked so many questions about things. Hey when you tweet something I will come right at you and ask Really? I read that Tweet and was curious about the WHOLE story!! Sorry for being nosey

Tim and Sister Roma- Tim hahahahaha I have nothing bad to say at all. Sister Roma congrats on the Hall of Fame you deserve it.

Tony Hunter- ummmm Now you know I hate boys that tease. I know that's your thing and all. But cute boys teasing Diesel Washington??? That's unheard of.... still you have a nice ass that deserves some attention from some big dickers

Samuel Colt- congrats on your awards, its all downhill now!! Not a bad thing but you know what I mean

Chris Porter- sexy sexy sexy!! I'm shocked that you give Me a hug every time I see you. At first I was alittle bitchy to you because I didn't know what you was all about. After Hustlaball NYC last year I was convinced you are a STAR!!

Jake Austin- Hey girl!! HAHAHAH that lip gloss is popping!!

Bobby Knight- good to see ya mister sexy voice

Nick Young- thanks for the Vids and your right. I'm a hooker/blogger/personality/pornstar GET IT RIGHT!!

The Maverick Men- finally had a chance to meet you guys, you guys step up your game and I'm happy at your success!!

Scottie Brooks- ummm next time you call my name in the hallway. To get my attention pull your cock everytime!!!hahah

Kennedy_Carter- I love your blog!! Keep the posts up homey blog writing is not easy. I have been doing it for 6years now...Keep up the good work Ginger boy

gpcrush- I love when you have your hair pulled back very Sade looking and hot!!

Austin Wilde- like I said playa I had 10 and all gone within 10mins of telling you I had ten of them..(private joke)

Derek DaSilva- hey brother I did the same thing you did this weekend. I didn't go to the Hyatt at all.. Kinda of over the whole Nasty Pig leather thing. I have been doing it for years and the lifestyle has changed alot in the past couple of years and not in a good way

NaughtyLauraD- sorry we didn't have more time to talk. You know I'm a nut job!! HAHA

Jared Tyler- ummm regardless what people say about you. I like you homey!! And when you asked my opinion of your Exit interview.. I was touched!! And when you walked away and said "Thanks for giving Me your feedback, I respect your opinion" I was touched little homey... Everybody thinks you have this "I don't give a fuck attitude" but when you lose the porn persona and sit down and talk to Me I see the real you and I like what I see... You will be missed my friend

Other Highlites of Grabbys:

Jimmy D, drunk and busting his ass at the Tim and Roma show

Bel Ami boys looking hot as fuck!!

And the biggest Highlight of the Grabbys trip....Ryan Middleton

I had the chance to hangout with this hottie Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday. We are good friends and I just like the Vibe I get from little man.

Yeah so a quick post about Grabbys......

If I missed anybody, sorry....

I talked about the Porn Stars that talked to Me or who I hungout with during the weekend. If I didnt mention you:

You either avoided Me(Like I care)

Or you didn't stand out that I need to write something about ya.

If We did talk and you feel that your missing email me I will add you to my post because its only fair..

After all I was stoned the entire time in Chi town(allows me to deal with Bi polar easier)

Ummm Grammar snobs/English majors...yup run on sentences, fragmented sentences and its a mess!! Hate Me Hate Me!! This is a blog relax....

Those rules do not apply..

Big Shout out to the whole Fabscout family(Howard, Gio, Matt, Johnny) We had a blast in Chi town and PEOPLE IN PORN you really need to be apart of the family.

We may fight and disagree at times but its all still love when the day is done.


Big Shout Out to Mark and Stacy from Grabbys as well....thanks for putting on another great show!! See ya next year.

Only this time Mark....I will be touching you regardless of what you say(Private joke)



Kirk Cummings said...

Thanks Diesel! You are an awesome guy, and a fucking amazing friend. See you soon hopefully. P.S. I will bring more brownies too! lol

Walker said...

Like I told you at the Hotel After party Saturday. I'm always going to be a fan, I respect u fighting for diversity.

Walker said...

Hey just like I told you at the after party Saturday in the hotel. It was great meeting you. I am a fan and always will be. Great to see someone fighting for diversity to bring people like us on screen. Keep up the good work.