Saturday, October 18, 2008


Okay I have been Under the Radar... even my former assistant is like "Diesel the blog is boring now... U need the "Juice" the "Spice"".... okay I will leak out some info for ya..

Off the Bat, the Appearances: I will be at The Eagle for Halloween see Flyer above.. I will be in costume and being Very Very out there for the Fans coming out... So that should be good.. I will also spend some time at Porno Bingo.. Will Clark has been so Nice to ask me back again for some good clean fun(or dirty) I will have those dates for ya soon. What else??

Hearing alot of good news on the working Front, so right now I need to get the details in order first and then Plan my Attack... I want to do a limited number of projects for the End of the Year. But some really good companies want to use me for some projects coming up that will be hot... I really have to keep my Lips closed cause alot of stuff is happening(and its all good!!!)so I swore to keep quiet until the movies are bagged and canned, so I will give an update later(I know I keep saying that)..

I just shot a scene recently...and I must tell ya..... Diesel was nervous!!!! It was all that built up energy and wanting to do a good job thing.... I mean, I felt like I was right back to square one.. and I enjoyed that nervous energy again... I mean, I was standing there... stroking my dick to get hard... and for the first time I looked around and Brian Mills wasn't there... Very Strange feeling...

I think, I was spoiled at Titan... And I will admit I was... I felt so comfortable working with Director Mills, it was like all he had to do was point the camera and then tell me to hammer it out!!! MISS YA ALOT BRIAN!!!! WE PUT ALOT OF HITS TOGETHER, SOME LONG HOURS.. ALOT OF BITING TEETH AND CROSSING OUR FINGERS.... BUT THE WORK SPEAKS FOR ITSELF... DIRECTOR MILLS MIGHT KILL ME FOR DOING THIS... BUT IT MEANS SO MUCH TO ME.... I WANT TO SHARE PART OF HIS LETTER THAT HE SENT RECENTLY...

I wish to acknowledge your contribution to some of my best work over the past couple of years. You always arrived ready to deliver a memorable performance. Even under difficult circumstances, you always shone with the character of a winner.

It's only a matter of time before we see each other again. When the time is right, I look forward to working with you again as well.

Your director and friend,


MENTOR, DIRECTOR, FRIEND..........BRIAN MILLS!!!THIS GOES OUT DIRECTLY TO YA!!! WE HAVE DONE SOME OF THE BEST WORK TOGETHER!!! I remember when I popped in my Titan Vid(way back)and jerked off to a movie!! And I said to myself, who comes up with these Ideas??, The Look and Style of these Fetish movies.... To Fast forward to 2006, I first step on the set and have the chance to work for ya!! Then to be signed with ya(Titan) then make Huge Mega Hits.....

To Know that I was Directed by a Hall of Famer. (Grabbys and Gayvn), Best Videography(Grabbys and Gayvns) and have that Director and Friend say that I contributed to some of his Best Work..... I'm Absolutely Floored and Flattered!!!

Titan and Brian Mills really gave me that push to be a star.... and I'm still hunger for more.....

Fast Forward to... New Studio... New Director.... New Energy.... Focus!!!!

It was like riding a bike........ started off alittle slow.. and then the mind kicked open and I went to town and to work!!! I feel that the scene is classic Diesel doing what he does Best, Rimming the Fuck outta some Hole and Slam Fucking that Ass!!!(LOL)

The Director was super cool, Laid back and had his Eye on the Prize!!! I knew his style and had a chance to meet him at various events over time!!!

I had a good time..... It was a relief that I could work again!!!! I was nervous to be in a New Studio.... that had a different vibe and energy....... that was great to experience.... So there U have it People!!!!

Diesel Washington worked for another company!!! and it felt right!!! I was born to do Porn!!! The other model was a Smoking Hot Latin boy and had the hottest bubble ass to fuck!!! Good times Good times!!! So all the nervous energy is gone!!!.... I want to do more(and I will).

So I wanted to blog about it(Important to me!!)New Times..New Energy!!! It feels good...

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you're shoot went amazing! Keep it up babe!

Miss you,