Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Okay........... I had my chance to vent(clearly this is what this blog is for)now its time to talk...

Its all Brushed off my Shoulders(Read Ya Loud and Clear (DIB).. I don't hold any bad blood for anybody...

This is all Porn related.. JP, I'm sure Ur script will do very well..

"Crocodile Hunter".. Its funny..well thought out. And I'm sure!! that people will like it.. I write "scripts" myself ("Folsom Prison", "Double Standard""Unnamed Basketball story") So to all the companies out there Look out there are more and more models, that can not only Fuck and Suck, but can Write as well and come up with Ideas of their own(isn't that whats its all about???) I'm sure its hard when companies have to keep coming up with ideas for movies to do.. so give a starving writer a Chance!!! Hit Up JP for more info on "Crocodile Hunter"... Good luck JP

Speaking of writing. and the Basketball Story... KS, I got ya this far... Now its up to ya from here... I have no doubt in my mind Ur going to be a doubt!!! But Even Rookies can get alittle Head Strong... And I'm not the one to put up with it... U will be Famous.. U will get all the attention U deserve.. Just be Patient... U got alittle Cocky..Headstrong.. Heard ya telling People, that U work for Titan(U came as my guest) and U will be at the Booth Signing Autographs trying to Impress People U were interested in.!! I had to ground ya!! In a couple of months the movie will drop.. and then U will get all the Attention U could ever Want!! Our Scene is Amazing... The Veteran Schooling the Rookie!!! Be patient!! Until then Remain Humble!!!Press on. Good Luck with Ur Career!!!

To the readers of the blog.... U have the "Editor" "Diesel" "Dexter" coming soon Big Boss!!!!

I talk shit.. I talk trash.. And I run my mouth...but will Fuck the Shit outta ya!! Not in a Scary way!! But Good Way!!! I'm a Performer.. Sex God _ "Diesel"

I'm Simply Fabulous...Twisted, Sick, Depraved!!_ "Dexter"

I'm just living, my life, I have my Ups and Downs, and I'm just trying to survive through this celebrity thing(Pros/Cons).... Love Sick, Lonely, Comic Book Nerd, Movie Buff, Homebody, Childishly Cute(does that make sense??) I write this blog for my own kicks.. 2 1/2 years and counting..... Its just thoughts and feelings that I feel at the moment..!! Sometimes it Swings Hard.. Sometimes its Moody..but always Entertaining!!!

Mainly the Blog is written from the Perspective of Diesel... Diesel is the Man on the Screen!! Mean Aggressive!! Softer Side(DOUBLE STANDARD in stores now!!!) He is controlling, demanding, sometimes down right Nasty!!! Very Primal(made a good living Off and Still does!!) U read the blog.. for the dirt, the Pics, Stories and just to kill some time.. I don't get paid to write this blog(well not yet LOL coming soon!!) I use it to Vent. Sometimes I "Think" I am a writer of sorts.. not really though.

When I write a Blog.. I tend to Dish it out alot!!! Alot!! Bang send it out... But as the Editor I do have the Power to Correct the Harshness sometimes that comes out of Being Diesel, It sounds Crazy... But People who don't know me.. See a Big 6'6 240 Muscle Guy, it can be scary.. and I take that into consideration.. always!! I look Aggressive and Mean, so People assume I'm that way and become Guarded(natural reaction)

Now I'm a Sweetheart and Very Sensitive in real Life... But U wont see that Unless I'm comfortable with ya!!! And I don't share my emotions with anybody... So I'm highly sensitive when I become Open with Someone... and things go wrong!!! I will Lash Out!! Cause My feelings are hurt...(I don't Use Physical Force) I use my Mouth!! I let down my Guard and it Hit Like a Bomb!!!.

I decided It was time to break Character this time...

I'm writing some Strong Stuff.... and I want to go back to when its Fun to write instead of Revenge blogging...

Don't Worry I Wont be As Evil.... But There will be some Interesting things coming Soon!!!

I don't really want to hurt People with My blog... I'm learning to be a bit more... Classy... I don't have a Teacher for this...I'm learning as I go....

Shit give me a Bottom and a Camera and U got Gold _ Diesel

Opps sorry He comes In every Now and Then.... Bad Diesel!!


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Markus Ram said...

Sorry about the KS stuff man... Hope it didn't piss in your corn flakes too much for your Folsom weekend.