Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Okay Its time for some talking now....... Well I have been in this business for two and half years now.... and u know what???? I like it..... but like most things, U have to keep stepping up Ur game and going for gold every time.....

Now I don't want to point fingers or anything.... but..... FUCK THE SITTING DOWN AND WASTING TIME SHIT....... DO SOMETHING!!!!!

I will never rest when I see young and new faces coming into the game..... at Folsom I had my Reality Check!!! These Rookies coming up nowadays don't care who they step on or Who they fuck over!!!! I always thought that there was Respect for the Game and Guys who have been doing this for years, I thought they earned a Certain amount of Respect!!! FUCK THAT!!!! THAT GAME IS DEAD!!! Its a free for all!!!!

I will admit when I came into the game I had some things to prove to myself and other People.....and I still haven't achieved what I wanted yet!!!! I'm not getting comfortable... I have never rested... I continue to go to the gym and bust my Ass!!! I made it to a certain level, but I don't see any ceilings in this business So Why Stop!!!! I'm not sitting back drinking a beer, or eating McDonald's like some Fat Slob!!! I'm pushing and pushing.... I push myself in my Scenes and in the Gym.... Fuck that Jock body bullshit...... I saw the changing times, the Jock body was In!!! FUCK THAT!!!! I had enough of that shit... Its time to go back to the Muscle Guys!!!! U twinks had Ur chance and more power to the Twinky Jocks......I'm no Twink, or Daddy, I'm some where in the middle.... And U know what... all summer I went slimmer for that classic Ripped body and I'm tired of it!!!!! I want muscle now!!!

I have my own look going for me.... and that is muscle and being ripped!!!! I tried to change with the times.. but "I" make the trends now!!!!! So fuck that skinny shit!!!! I'll leave the skinny shit for the models walking runway, I don't do runway I fuck hot guys!!!! The More Muscle I have, the more I can pick up and throw around all the hot guys that are in this business!!!

Speaking of Business..... I will be shaking Up the Industry this time around.... I'm Free Agent!!!! And I have some big projects coming up!!! I haven't spoken about any Projects cause I want People to be surprised...... I don't know How long I can keep it a Secret, but U will See A Whole New Diesel Washington.... just be patient!!!

So to all the Porn stars who got Fat, Lazy, or think they can come in at any shape, Half ass fuck, or Half Ass get fucked!!!!! Get the Fuck outta my Way!!! I just have grown hungry!!! And waiting in the Wings for my chance, has made me that more focused!!!

So there U have it, I haven't posted many Pics from the Workouts!!!! So I decided it was time to show Ya that I'm hitting the Gym like a madman now!!! I was always hitting the gym, but I was going for just the Cuts and shape!!! Its back to Growing and Growing.... Shit I'm taking on the Matthew Rush, Eric Rhodes, and the Rest of the Big Boys!!! I bet the Fans would love to see me Fucking the Big Boys, cause U and I know that I will Pick Them Up and Fuck them like Little boys.... When have ya ever seen Eric Rhodes getting fucked like a little boy and thrown around???.....Never!!! When have U seen Matthew Rush being picked up and tossed like a Rag Doll Never!!! I think its time that it happened!!! I have alot of things Up my Sleeve!!!

Look Out world Here Comes MISTER MEAN FUCKER!!!!!

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thegayte-keeper said...

I am LOVING the sound of this...my eyes will be watching...