Friday, May 20, 2011


So I'm alittle late with this post about the Blatino Erotic Awards...

First off the bat, I want to give a Huge Shoutout to Joe Hawkins for running such a great event. I had an amazing time and everybody was so friendly and welcoming. Also shout out to Stan(backbone for models)he made sure I was well taken care of and I had a great time.

As all events I have to give you the "Run Down" on all the things that were going on. Well I arrive to Palm Springs and meet Stan(handles the models)and We go over to the hotel and check in.

I also had the chance to network abit and just see what opportunities were available. More on that soon...

When I do events I go in with a game plan:

I talk to my fans

Avoid jealous models

Avoid the drunk/drugged up messes

Hit the Dance Floor with alot of power!!

Before I even left for the trip I was mentally prepared for handling the unknown and know:


Some people are not going to be happy with Me, they will either consider Me a Sell Out or Unlce Tom and that is without even meeting Me(Part of Job). Some people will say I'm a "White boy Chaser" and that I suffer from self hatred for my own race kinda of bullshit!!...

Young Up and Cummers!! Just sit and watch you and study you, looking for flaws trying to find "Holes in you Armor" I'm wise to that game.

I'm already prejudged to have an attitude, or some bullshit notion that I look down on other models of other genres of gay porn(except bareback porn which I frown upon)which is crazy!!

The bullshit idea that I only work with white models(Getting old)

Just crazy ideas like these I know will come my way, but I was prepared for that. In person I'm friendly, polite, and I answer all questions in front of Me. But be warned if you come at Me with attitude, u shall receive attitude in return. I'm not there to be grilled or put under some spotlight or microscope. I'm a model/entertainer I do adult films, so if you come at Me with all this analyzing bullshit I will simple "Kick Rocks" and go some where the air isn't as cold as that Popsicle stick up your ass!!

And the Unknown:

Just stupid shit that happens when you do events sometimes, you have to be on your game at all times!!

I stayed to myself the entire weekend, I went to every event and danced and mingled with fans. But I didn't interact with many of models when I was out there. I was doing my own thing, most people probably thought I was a loner or quiet.But the reason answer is..... I'm seeing someone(Love ya Petey), so I don't need to go out or room hop(dirty boys)or carry on at the clubs trying to bring someone back to the hotel room.

The event itself was......


It started with the White Party, some fine Black men dressed in white taking over the whole hotel(Classic). A couple of speeches and special awards given out. There was a poetry reading, and special congrats to individuals(HIV awareness, trendsetters)and I have to admit I was TOUCHED!!

Then there was the after party at this special location(go go boys, kinky sets)I danced my ass off...

I go to alot of industry/event parties and the music is always So So. At mainstream parties the music is usually, Lady Gaga, Britney, Christina bah bah and some house thrown in...

Blatino Oasis??? That music is pumping!!I was jamming all night long, hit after hit and it was so refreshing to hear some Hip Hop/RB mixed in with Old school house music and some tribal thrown in. Hands down!! I was moving on that dance floor.

Anyway moving on....

It's awards day, and I get a call from "Petey" long story short, We were on the edge of breaking up!! Emotions ran crazy!! We retreated back in our own separate corners(Him in Brooklyn, Me in Palm Springs)at the same time. I had to receive an award at the same time so needless to say I was crushed that day, and had to put on a fake smile the entire day. I was low key at the Blatino Erotic awards, I stayed in VIP and just got my thoughts together.

When my name was called to receive my award, the crowd was a mixed bag of emotions. I saw this and immediately grabbed the mike and said...

"Thanks for inviting Me to this event, by the response some people like Me and some people don't. All I can say is that I'm model like everybody else, I'm an actor in adult movies and I'm paid to pay a role on film. I came into mainstream(Titan, Falcon)just to give mainstream more color, I used to be like everybody else and say "How come there are not more Black guys in Mainstream porn??" Instead of complaining about it, I put in an application and tried to change the problem from within. All I can say... but thanks for inviting Me and Let's have some fun.

I walked to get my award and then walked through the crowd. Reactions were different when I walked in the crowd, alot of people were showing Me love. I wasn't there to back down from any questions, I was there to have a good time and get my award. I took picture after picture with fans, shook hands, networked and flashed that fake smile(even though I was feeling like shit)People probably thought I was a snob because I didn't want to go to the Sex show(I do porn why go?)And I was not in any mood to be around other models playing to the Press!! I don't run around getting pictures of all the models at events. I bring my own camera and take pics and anybody that wants to use pictures I took of them(some models ask Me to take their pictures because they know its going on the blog)I'm more than happy to lend out a helping hand. Back to Blatino Erotic Awards there was a live sex show in the back(in garden)contrary to rumors on Twitter, the only reason why I didn't get on the action was I was not being paid to be an Actor or model. I was at the event to receive an award, so all those bullshit Twitter rumors, are just that RUMORS!! I didn't talk to anybody and I kept to myself(like I do at all events)

I say it on my blog all the time, when I go to events I'm quiet as hell and keep to myself. I'm not that porn star that has to work a room and introduce yourself to everybody.

No offense to other porn stars out there, chances are if you have to introduce yourself as a porn star, your not doing your job well enough....


After the awards, I set up camp in the lobby of the hotel. I set up my computer and sat in the lobby and answered question after question from curious minds. I have nothing to hide and I'm direct and frank with the fans.

Are you only into White guys???

Diesel: I'm into all races and all types why limit yourself??

You only film with White guys??

Diesel: No I film with all races, on the outside it looks like I only film with white males. But the reality is that I'm given an opportunity to make a pay check and I'm not the casting director. The Studio/Site tells Me who my scene partner is and I decide wheter to take the part or not. Why turn down a pay check?? My sexual preferences do not come into play when filming scenes, I'm willing to work with anybody..

Are you willing to work other black models?

Diesel: Of course, a role is a role. I do draw the line at doing scenes that are "Thug themed" I'm not a Thug!

Why don't fans see you more at "Black" events??

Diesel: Alot of the events that I blog about I'm invited to go, or I'm nominated for something!! If I'm nominated for an award, You better believe I'm going to see if I win or lose. I do personal appearances where I'm paid to be there. And I go to some Pride events(NYC, Philly) because they are local. I can't afford to go to all the events(Flights, Hotel, food)so unless I'm sponsored or paid to be there chances are that I'm not going unless there is an Important reason that I need to be there.

Not being stuck up!! But just being honest....

After all the headaches of the day,I got back to my hotel room and had a long talk with "Petey" on the phone, our relationship was getting to a point of no return. Point of no return meaning that We needed to get to that next stage of our relationship. "Petey" is my BF now....

My BF....

Whoa!! I do love "Petey".....I fell for him on day 1.

To my surprise....

He told Me "I Love you as well...I do" "I love you"

There I was in Palm Springs, after having an emotional break down, walking around with a fake smile on my face, being depressed. I went a whole other direction and wanted to party my ass off after hearing the news..

So I was an emotional mess at Blatino Awards(but people didn't see Me sweat!!)And I now have a BF WOW!!

Again I had an amazing time, and look forward to next year!!


Shawn E said...

Congratulations on your award. I wish I would have been able to go this year. I would have been one of the ones cheering for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Heh heh, congrats, man. I'm happy to hear things have worked out with Petey. Keep the spirits up!

Joe Hawkins said...

You are the only porn star, since I created the Blatino Erotica Awards and Blatino Oasis,that I have ever danced with and I just want to let everyone know that he not only has the moves in his movies...this man can dance!
Thank you for coming out and I hope to see you again.
Much luv & respect,
Joe Hawkins

Rodney B said...

Hey Man...
I was in Palm Springs for Oasis (The big white dude Joe introduced you to Saturday night at the Party at Zoso; we mighta both been drunk or high so u may not remembered)...
I'm just getting around to reading your post and it's funny how I sensed something musta been going on with you that weekend...
I was looking forward to seeing and meeting you but didn't wanna come on as the white dude stalking the pron star... It was very cool that Joe included you in the event; it was overdue!
Anyway, yeah, you're right, it did appear that you were kinda keeping to yourself (probably the other reason I decided to leave well enuf alone) but was glad to see you mingle with guests and fans.
Thanks for the post; it brought back some cool memories of a few weeks back!
Rodney B.