Sunday, May 01, 2011


Another weekend passes..

I was hanging out with "Petey" again this past weekend and it was a busy one!! Alot of stuff happening nowadays and just trying to keep my head above water. Apartment hunting with "Petey" has been heartbreaking...

We went to a great apartment in Bklyn(across the bridge)and it was the Dream apartment for "Petey". Long story short, We didn't get the apartment and it was alittle disappointing to us.

I really felt for "Petey" I think he really wanted the place, but it was cool to see "Petey" obsessed over losing the apartment. In alot of ways I thought We were complete opposites, funny to see that he has the same reaction when it comes to losing something that YOU WANT so bad!!

Anyway, I have to pick up my head sometimes and say "How time flies?" I have been with "Petey" for 8 weeks now!! Now that might not be a long time to normal people, but 8 weeks is like 8 years in a gay porn star timeline.

So things are going well..

Moving on..

The workout is going well, and I'm getting ready for events next week and the week after that. Its going to be a busy month people

Stay tuned!!


Ray Avito said...

Wow, what a great set of photos. You look so relaxed and content. I also very much like the stretching undies in the last shot. SHAWSH!!

Anonymous said...

Hi are looking alot more relaxed in the face in the new photos btw...things must be good for you two...good to see...Regards..Laurie

Anonymous said...

Diesel, this is just me. But I think you are at your most attractive when you have simple, natural facial expressions like the first two photos (from the top) in this set. I realize some of your fans like to see you "mean mug" with affected poses, but basic and plain is enough for me. Your black masculinity tells its own story.