Friday, April 29, 2011


Yep I said it!!(HAHA Wolf)

Anyway, I was ranting on Twitter again, and I notice that Samuel O'toole started this Q&A Youtube thing. I have met Sam several times and I like him, so no problem there.

But his Q&A Youtube is almost the same thing as my Q&A Vid response thing...

Now I know that might sound caddy that I'm complaining about someone using the same format as myself, but come on!! I don't have a company/site sponsoring my promotion I don't have the resources that backs Sam.


I have been in this porn business for 6years biting and scratching my way to the top. I stay on top of my game by finding new ways to branch out to fans and supporters out there I share my experiences and thoughts on this blog and YOU the fans have stood by me for years and I THANK YOU for that!!

Just find it Funny that these same companies that don't use Diesel, make sure they follow his lead when it comes to his promotion/interviews/sex positions/blogging. I can see the guys over at the Studios/sites telling their models.

In order to be a big star in the Biz u need to:

Start up an edgy blog like Diesel

Start filming some BTS like Diesel

Start coming up with new sex positions like Diesel

In your Live performances start pissing on people like Diesel

Start doing interviews like Diesel

Yeah, go ahead call me Cocky, Stuck on myself, or whatever you want to say. I use this little hole in the wall to promote myself! I do not have a team, I don't have any assistants(anymore) I don't have an expense account, or sugar daddy to fund my work.

I do it all by myself!!! I do the filming/editing/lighting(or lack of)I come up with the characters and personas I do that all myself.

Since this my blog, I have to make sure I explain everything that I do behind the scenes or nobody knows that I was brain child for it!!

I don't call it bragging!! I'm just making sure people know the role I played in this Biz.

They can try to bury Me because of Me being outspoken at times!!

But you can't try to bury me then try to take my ideas and make them your own!! Come on!! Now your playing dirty with Me, and We all know what happens when you get down and dirty with Diesel.

He will win every time!!!

Anyway enough Bi polar ranting for today....

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