Monday, April 04, 2011


Well another weekend down....


Well I saw "Petey" again this weekend and I had a great time!! I still feel alittle weird with the whole dating thing, its just a new thing to settle down and really get to know people.

Before I was alittle jaded and just viewed people sort of like cattle. Cattle meaning, I used to roundup the boys, fuck/tag them and keep them in one big herd. I know I know it sucks that predators like that actually exist, some people view sex as a game and they go from one conquest to another. The problem living an existence like that is that you are still constantly alone, regardless of how many people you manage to get bed with you.

I have slept with alot of hot guys and at the end of the day, after all the nuts have been shot. I'm left feeling empty again and in a even worse mood than when I first started. I can not substitute random hookups for a false sense of intimacy, intimacy is something that is shared between people outside of just having a sexual relationship.

I was just getting the sex(plenty of it)but no real connection with the person, besides my dick going in their ass.

Right now. I'm just enjoying the time I spend with "Petey", 3 weeks and counting!! Time will tell if it works or not, but I'm patient and have learned to compromise. It's just a new feeling and I really like "Petey" so crossing my fingers!!

"Petey" if your reading this, another great weekend and look forward to the next one!! MMMMMM CHEESE!!

We are headed in a good direction, and We are going at a great speed!! You make it hard for Me not to miss you, "Petey".

Enough mush!!

I cooked:

Tender strips of chicken


Wild Rice

Cornish Game Hens

Magic Brownies

The food was good, and the Brownies came out amazing!! So I was Dazed and Confused for the weekend and We caught the movies "Limitless" "Adjustment Bureau" both kinda of sucked though.

It's cool to have a life besides porn, and I'm learning to live outside the porn bubble for once.

Love it!!


Anonymous said...

love to see a pic of petey!!!

Anonymous said...

You're taking your relationship in a great direction. Kudos to you making the dinner. I wish you two the best.


Anonymous said...

Dear Diesel, I loved to see you cook, and you know something?, you look amazing, because you look happy. Such gestures by someone you love is something that does not go unnoticed.
Very good your freedom to speak in front of the camera while cooking, describing the recipe and preparation.
But I criticize something wrong in the kitchen, do not smoke while cooking, because believe it or not is something that is steeped in food, even if you throw the smoke to the side.
And one more thing, do not smoke, take care of your health, but you do not believe it is something only when you lose you realize how important it is.
Returning to the theme of the kitchen, I loved the stuffed chicken is a pity that the video has no chance to feel the aroma of this dish is indeed very tasty.
It is a pity that you are far away, because if you lived close I would invite to lunch, you and Petey to my house. I cook well, but my mom ... ohh man, you have no idea how my mother's cooking, you two suck your fingers with Italian cuisine prepared by my mom.
Another theme. Something very important you don´t cross your fingers for take a long time with Petey, do it, this means, enjoy your intimacy with him, do not worry about time, think about the quality of time you have with him, you don´t think: how will this last?, don´t run to see if it lasts longer than other relationships that you've had, just enjoy it, nothing else.
In closing, I tell you I loved your video, very good menu, you did not think about having your own restaurant? One where you can be the Cheef?
I congratulate you for your relationship, you'll see that will last a long time. I wish you heart then so be it.

P. S.: I liked reading this comment yours: "It's cool to have a life besides porn, and I'm learning to live outside the porn bubble for once. Love it!!"
Diesel, the one that puts limits on your own happiness and your own destiny, it's just you.

A hug from Buenos Aires - Argentina, Adrian .-

Ray Avito said...

This might be my favorite posts yet...well, besides the Dexter posts (I love that character). This was really great to read/watch.