Monday, April 25, 2011


Hope your Happy!!

In all reality it was fun to show off and having the best fluffer around makes the work very very easy!! So I hope you like the pics, IT HAS BEEN A WHILE since I posted naked pics(Non studio)on the blog...

Everybody should give props to "Petey" he is the one that took the pics, and I think he has a very good eye(Back up Vid/Camera guy he doesn't know that yet) so he was inspired to take some really good pics.

I'm comfortable around "Petey" so ass shots was easy!! I have an ass I think...?

Moving on..

Hmmm? Lets talk about "Petey" now, We had another great weekend. I cooked for him again and We had DVD night(well I watched DVDs while he was passed out). We spent a couple of hours at the NYC Auto Show on Saturday(awesome Vid coming)and things are going very well. We jumped over some big hurdles in our relationship(My part)but things are going at a good pace. I count the weeks going by and they are adding up, and I'm enjoying every minute of sharing space and time with this person.

He has a slight case of OCD(neat/clean freak)but somehow his OCD cancels out my Bi polar issues. How you may ask? I move around his place trying to clean up after myself(poorly I might add)but at least, I try to be somewhat clean. I'm showing him an effort in the attempts to keep cleanliness and order in his space. OCD freaks(like him)are unique, their eyes are focused on clean lines, symmetry, form, texture(as in clean counter tops)and its sort of his "Work" so to speak(Which is his business, have to ask if its alright to speak about that)so I will leave that subject alone.

I know his "Issues" and he had a full on blast of my "Issues" on Friday. I was having a flare up, and he was in the direct path of it!! The words were coming out of my mouth and it was like I was almost watching myself(from above)going through the whole ranting process, having a fit, and it was not pretty. He shut down and it was a quiet walk, I felt like trash and knew I had to open up to him. And for once another person understood where the craziness came from, gave Me time to express it right, without the anger/sadness/confusion with my words. When I have a "Flare Up" I admit I get angry or stressed, and I lose touch with reality and go FOR YOUR HEART! I grew up over the years, and learned that physical fighting is nothing to verbal abuse!! Words stab like daggers and often hit harder than fists(plus it keeps you out of jail)so running my mouth...just running my mouth!! I wasn't verbally blashing "Petey" but I was in a cranky mood. He saw through the smoke coming out of my ears and looked past the laser beams I was shooting out of my eyes. But why would he listen to bi polar bullshit coming out of my mouth?? We are two different people trying to find a common bond(while still maintaining separate lives)and its working so far. He understands I go through things on my side of the coin, and I understand he goes through things on his side of the coin as well. I learn so much from him(hope he is learning something from Me)and it just works!!

Trying to understand it myself, but I'm going to give up trying to analyze it. I will just go with the flow(like I have)and remain patient and hope for the best(so far it has been amazing!!)

Miss you alot "Petey"(been 1 day LOL)and hope for more long weekends(they go by quick)just in a good place right now.

Nice!! Moving on...

On the porn front, I have several appearances coming up and I'm in the gym killing it for the fans(so you can get up close and personal)so things are going well. Next three weeks are cardio based, I put on enough mass and its time to bring out the definition on the new muscle. A long week of running, stair master and some jump roping. I will post the workouts soon..

Another post coming...


Anonymous said...

Will we ever get to see "Petey"?

Anonymous said...

what race is petey? give us some description!!!