Thursday, April 07, 2011


Okay people....

The questions are coming which is cool, but can We step up with more indepth questions. I get the questions involving the body all the time(most I delete)its not a question its just showing off in front of camera I rather answer questions that have more bite!!

Don't worry people, I still believe in writing posts as usual...

It's fun to play with a new toy, and try to understand the community that is on this new site. I heard about this site a few months back, but most people wanted to use the whole formspring thing. I was tempted to use it but then I realized it was kind of slow and I wanted to reach out visually..

My rules for answering questions, PLEASE RESPECT MY RULES!!:

Unknown people or people who are not users, your question will be answered, But not as fast as a User, or someone having an identiy. Its only fair!!

Ask about Biz, life, love, all the good stuff!!...I'm not just flexing and showing off the muscle body(Dig in my brain people)

I love the nerds on this thing, it feels like home!!


Ask your questions, and I will also ask myself questions to entertain alittle...

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Brian said...

Diesel, in one of your blog posts you talk about substituting hookups for intimacy. In a nutshell you realize the sense of emptiness one can feel from making that a lifestyle.

I found that interesting because it seems I know some guys in relationships who go out and have hookups DESPITE the intimacy they supposedly have.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that many men say they want it (intimacy), but upon getting it aren't able to handle its depth.

What are your thoughts on that? And see?? No body comments or questions!! LOL!