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I used to run with the Night children.......

These Night children were Voguing

Madonna gave it a spotlight and brought it to the mainstream, But Voguing started out in NYC in the dusty gay clubs.


I don't really talk about the NYC Ballroom scene much, I thought it was about time to educate some people to the Ballroom scene. First get the movie "Paris is Burning" but here is some background:

Let Me first start out saying that I'm not an expert on the Ball scene. I'm not familiar with all the Houses and categories, so people who are more knowledgeable about the subject I would love to hear you in the comment section.

Let Me start off first and say I was a Banjee boy, when I walked, I walked for Banjee Boy Realness and Body.

Banjee Boy

Body just having a good looking body and showing it off for the crowd!!

Banjee boy is a slang term, and was used in the 90's in the Ballroom scene. The Ball culture is another story....

Ball culture

Models/Dancers/Walkers competed in:

School boi realness

Sex Appeal

Women Body

Women Face


Sex Siren



Pretti Boi Realness

Realness w/a twist

Thug boi Realness

American Runway

Vogue Femme

Hi Fashion Street wear

Eye, Footwear & Belt

Body Realness

European Runway

Best Dress Spectator

Virgin Vogue

Virgin Runway


Designer's Delight


Alittle more detail here:

Male (Men's or BQ) Face-
"Masculine" (allows groomed facial hair) vs "Pretty Boy" (smooth and clear complexion). Sometimes "Face" is further divided between "Light and Lovely vs Brown and Lovely vs Dark and Lovely".

Women's (Female) or FQ Face-
"Painted" (allows makeup) vs "Unpainted" (no makeup).

Male (Men's or BQ) Body
"Muscular" (body builders) vs "Model's" (not as beefy- magazine quality).

Women's (Female) or FQ Body-
"Luscious" (full-figured, but sexy) vs "Model's" (swimsuit quality).

role playing down to the smallest of details. For example, if the category is "FQ Realness", all traces of ones biological maleness must be virtually erased (or at least hidden). In contrast, "BQ Realness" requires complete camouflage of anything remotely perceived as "gay": you appear to be a straight man.

offers the widest range of creativity and display. From "Futuristic" to "Fantasy", the objective is to always present an elaborate costume and effect. There are specific favorites like "Foil vs. Plastic", but often the category is more general in scope.

Runway/Models' Effect-
requirements vary greatly, with contestants displaying home sewn garments ("Designer's Delight") or high fashion ready-to-wear like Prada or Gucci ("Labels").Sometimes the contestants are judged solely on their walking ability. In these instances, you are free to choose any outfit that will make you "feel it".

stylized jazz dancecreated by the african-american gay community, with its own separate divisions and requirements

Grand Prize-

usually requires the efforts of 3 or more people per entry. You may have to create a skit or put on some type of production in the theme of the event. Close attention must be paid to costume, music, props and overall showmanship. This is one of many categories that can bring a ballroom to its feet, when you consider the lengths that contestants will go to satisfy a frenzied crowd.

Whatever categories are offered, contestants must adhere to the requirements given, to avoid disqualification or low scoring (getting"chopped") before an eagerly cheering and jeering audience (a vicious"Gong Show", if you will). This brings about the question of "shade": who's throwing it and how much (see glossary below). Judges can be quite finicky when it comes to exact interpretation, and its up to the emcee or a head judge to settle disputes that may erupt from time to time. Generally, everyone's a good sport, but you do get poor losers here and there

Courtesy of The house of Enigma

In a nutshell, its a gathering of Str8/Gay/Bi people together competing in events for a Trophy and/or Cash prize! I only walked for the Cash prize, yeah sounds fucked up but its truth!! I would get a Cash prize for jumping on a stage, walking around and showing off my body?? No brainer there..

Here are some Vids enjoy:

So many Vids, I cant post them all...

In my time in NYC I was able to meet one of the Legends, Willie Ninja

There are Balls going all over country, I haven't had the chance to attend any Balls lately...

I'm probably out of touch with the younger crowd, but I was around the Legends of this dance. It has come so far and new styles came around, but I remember a bunch of gay kids that used to hangout on the Piers of Christopher street dancing.

Now alot of those "Night Children" are dancers, artists, dance instructors, and still around doing the craft they love.

I saw an old friend from back in the days, and he brought back so many memories. To the "Night Children" of today keeping doing your craft out there, I'm watching!!

Some people may see a bunch of trannies/cunt boys/drag queens dancing around all Fem and girly. I see people expressing themselves through dance, its visual, full of energy and flat out these boys can Dance.

Ball room people please leave your comments, or any links to Vids out there. Love to promote the events coming soon or cover events that already happened!!


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