Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Okay People....

I had a great birthday weekend, and I spent the entire weekend(until Monday even)with "Petey" I think We are finally settling into a good space and I enjoy the time I spent with him.

Moving on...

Well not moving on....

Having a partner that is a part of the Dazed and Confused crew!! Is insane!! I have to get him to step up his "Meds" game, but its cool(I got his back with that)to know We are on the same level(high level) and I really enjoy "Cuddle Time" its so NICE!! The only drawback to this is knowing that time is quickly speeding by, a hug that felt like 5mins in dream time, in reality the time spent hugging was 20mins...


Where did time go?? That is the problem that I'm having, call it mushy or whatever!! Time flies out the fucking window just laying on the bed and watching TV! It's alittle annoying knowing that in a few hours I have to head home(WE Both work!)
I respect his space and I know he has things to do. I never want to slow down a person or seem like I'm not supportive when they have goals to attain. "Petey" is embarking on a huge journey and I'm happy just to be there and see the passion in his eyes while he kicks ass!! I'M ALL ABOUT HIS SUCCESS!

One note about "Petey":

He does not want to appear on camera or in any Youtubes(Not even his voice)and I have to respect his wishes.

But that doesn't mean I can't blog about him...HAHAHAHAA(evil tone)

So this brings up a good question I think the readers have. What about your Success??

We had the "Porn" talk already, and he is open minded about it(Whew) He sees it as work(which it is)so I do not see any problems in that area. The escorting however....

That is another subject

I feel greedy and I hate myself for it, I finally found a person that I'm happy to be around. He accepts my past and my BIZ and in the middle of convo, I throw in the escorting thing. The look on his face changed when that subject came up and I felt like I swallowed a huge rock at that moment, and it was just sitting in my stomach. I mean I have my reg job which pays my bills, the escorting just gave Me extra cash to save when I get older.

I know I know some of the readers are like:

"OMG you found someone, and you want to keep selling your cock??"

"Your selfish and want it all, which is fucked up!!"

"You can't change a whore into a husband"

"Your going out there and sleeping with other people, not fair to place him in harms way."

Or you guys are on the other end:

"Get all you can get, if he is down fuck it!!"

"Don't let someone change you"

"So now that Diesel has someone, now he is going to retire"

Whatever people, its my choice to make and I really like "Petey". Will I be willing to quit escorting?? Very possible!! I haven't escorted in a month(since meeting him)and I really do not miss it.


We have been seeing each other for over a month, We still have some growing to do. The escorting supplements my income, right now I'm holding my head above water!

"Petey" is doing "alittle" better than Me, so I'm digging through my reserves just to hangout and spend time. So everything is good with us, and I look forward to the future!! Miss you "Petey" Anyway time will tell.....

Lets talk about Diesel now, I answered some of the questions from the site. I have to be honest with some of the fans and readers. If you ask the same question that was answered before I will ignore it. If the question is stupid I might ignore it as well. I get tons of questions, it would take me all night to answer some of the questions. Sorry if I do not get to your question timely, I was out this weekend(Birthday) I will go back to answering questions timely..

I'm still writing blogs, do not worry your pretty little heads out there!! I just want to reach out more and the biggest complaint so far is that I do not return emails. I write the blog, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace but people complain about not returning emails. *Sigh

So people be happy!! I set it up a way that u get to ask a question and get a direct response! Some of the other porn stars change for this interaction....

They do the live shows, Question and Answer, or Cam shows

I do this for free, because I'm not showing any skin..

All you get is a big punch in the face with personality!!



Anonymous said...

at your age maybe its time to give up the porn and escorting ..if you haven't made big bucks by now its time for a 9 to 5 job and have a good relationship!!

Anonymous said...

Well ... Diesel, first, about your relationship with Petey, I think you'll doing very well. I believe that you respect their time and their positions on leave or not come out in photos and videos is a good posture on your part. Like I said in another comment, build a relationship with a person, whether that person is a friend, a family or a lover, always takes time to build a solid relationship, but you should always remember that he also always easily destroyed if each a member of the couple, not pay attention to the small displays of affection, sincerity and trust.
I know .... I know, is too complicated, but perhaps life is not?
With respect to escorting .... well ... With respect to the escorting, firstly I say we all have skeletons in the closet, ie, all have a past and sometimes it's hard to let go, I believe that with sincerity, trust and talking with maturity these pitfalls can be transcended. I think that what you decide as you think best suits them both.
Your comment in this posting, escorting gives you the extra few dollars for retirement, sorry, your words were: "Gave Me the escorting just extra cash to save When I Get Older." and you also put in this posting: "I have not escorted in a month (since meeting him) and I really do miss it Not."
I think you yourself have given the answer to the riddle ... or not?
In any case, you have thousands of options to undertake new things that give you a loose financial future when you want to retire. .... Think what you would like to make ... ever think about being your own master, I mean having your own business, but outside of porn?
Dear Diesel, I did not speak as a fan, now I speak as I speak to my friends ... long time that I read your blog, and as I have said many times, I do not see a piece of meat with a cock built into this in you, I see a human being, very smart, suspicious and talent for capturing the attention of the people because of his personality, I think you have the ability to create and build great things for you (I know this sounds like a church pastor, believe me I am not a pastor, lol, I am not pretend to be, I'm just very observant) I think if you search within yourself, you can come to see that projects are those that you would look forward to performing.
Sorry if I sound stupid with what I say, but I try to give my point of view serious about the proposition of your post. I am one of those who like to talk seriously when the item is worth and it is important, in this case, I think this issue should be important to you and I like giving opinions or points of view with common sense.
Well ... I already being done long this response ... like many others that I have given you ... but I do it gladly, because I like the issues you present in the blog.
Dear Diesel, you must not have fear about your relationship, you'll see that everything will be alright, it's my heart's desire.
I am sending you a big hug from Buenos Aires.

Adrian .-

bobbymo51 said...

Adrian (above) said it all!
It IS so gratifying to see that other people (besides me) feel a real affection for you, and want you to be happy in this crazy world!
You'll both work it out - patience, understanding, communication - those are KEY.
Good luck!