Sunday, June 03, 2007


I don't really know what to write in this post. I just put up pics and pics of people that I was hanging out with and just partying it up with. Among the people that I was chilling with(Not to be a Name dropper LOL) Matthew Rush(Falcon), Francesco D'Macho(HotHouse), Cj Knight(Hot House), Vinnie D'angleo(HotHouse), Steven Cruz(Raging Stallions), Andrew Justice, Johhny Hazzard(Channel 1), Tyler Riggs(Channel 1), Christian Owen, Lex Sabre, Jan Fischer, Angel Benton, Andy Kirra, Brandon Baker...etc etc.
I try to remember names but sometimes u meet so many people that u cant remember everybodys name sometimes. At this point of the evening I stopped taking pics and started to have fun. I try to give U guys all the pics that u want to see and stuff but I have to have some fun too U guys are lucky that I took the time to take the pics.
What to say??? Fuck after the award show it was to go and party. We went to the After Party and it was on!!!! Being Part of the Titan Family is a great experience for me. I have learned so much about the business and met some truly great people. I'm
in a great place right now(mentally)

Strange as it feels I'm finally comfortable with the Fame part of this. People come up to me and say"Wow Ur Famous" I say "Not Really" But I do have to say that I have learned to never leave my house looking busted. I dress very comfortable and sometimes dress to impress. But I sell skin so I have to dress Trendy.
About the after party, it was a club and it was packed with hot girls and guys dancing their ass off and the place had Go Go boys and Girls on stage showing the goods and having fun on stage. Its the same thing in every city U party at a club and have some fun. It was VIP the whole time and I had a great time hanging out with all the people at the award show and the after party.


Angel Benton said...

Thanks for posting the pix and for the shout-out boo! I'll let you know when the footage of the interview gets uploaded.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the HOT pixs of yourself. I cant wait until you come back wit a new movie! Keep it real.

Ya fan,

Domima!! said...

Diesel, you built up ass mother fucker!! You Hot i have to say!! Keep up the good work and Hope the scene with FRANSCIOR SAGAT, was good!!!

A scene of my two fav porn stars! Thats a must see!!

Your fan!!