Friday, June 08, 2007


I haven't been able to say much lately I have been running around and taking care of business. I got some new ink a week a ago. And usually I report all changes to myself in this blog. But I don't want to reveal the tat yet cause its still healing. But If u guys have been looking at my pics then u know that I have a sword on my left arm(broken sword of Aries) a dragon on my left forearm and I have the DIESEL underneath my forearm. U guys may not know the tats that I have on the right arm. On the right arm I have the Chinese sign for power on left forearm and then I have a strange tat on the right arm(still don't know what it is till this day, look at pics above) I have always wanted a tat on the right arm to cover up the shitty tats that I have on that arm.
Call it being conceited if u want, but looking at pics of myself its like I have side of my body that I'm proud of(the ink) and the other half was unfinished and looked strange to me. The first couple of tats that I got was when I was alittle smaller in size and didn't have all the muscles that I have now!! But thank god I finally was able to change that and the Tat is hot(in my opinion) I stayed with the same themes that I have before, I like weapons such as swords, crossbow, mace, hammers. My theme is and still is Aries, Call him the God of War, in war u use weapons, I like to be known as a Warrior. I fight and fight everyday to make a living and being able to fight off the haters and assholes. Sounds corny as hell but whatever its my theme.
I switched up this time, usually I have my man Haze do my Tats he has done the last three Tats(the sword, DIESEL, dragon) This time I had my man Nick work on me. Nick is better at Free hand Pieces(when they draw the art on Ur arm instead of tracing another image) I tend to go for custom pieces rather then the same ole standard of whatever is hot at the time(tribal bands, lettering etc etc) I wanted skulls involved(new interest for me, well not really) I'm an Aries so my themes are Aries based. The sign of Aries(horoscope) The Fire sign, symbol of the head/skull, full of energy, gem stone Diamond(yes!!)etc etc.. So I wanted some elements put in my Tat. I feel good finally having those old tats covered. It wasn't the fact that I wanted to get rid of some ugly Tats. The Tat on my right arm was done poorly and too deep so it came out bad and I had that Tat for 10years. 10years looking at that Tat on my arm and carrying it around with me everywhere I went. It was killing me that here I was creating this decent body in the gym and having my arm scarred up so bad with a fucked up Tat was leaning heavily on me. Well I feel great now I have work coming up and then start traveling for the summer. But fitting in healing the Tat and working out is a pain in the ass. But I have to put the work in. I had the body looking good for IML but this is filming now. Personal appearances I tend to be bulky because the bigger the better, for Filming I tend to lean out and get more ripped cause it shows on film better than smooth muscle. So at the time of writing this I'm working out smarter(not harder) and doing more cardio and trimming the fat even more now.
Okay not to bore ya anymore but there u have it I got a New Tat done Last week and I'm writing a post about it. I'm charting more and more of my progress as time goes by and this is cool that I'm able to read over the changes right in front of my face. But hey guys thanks for taking time to read today's post so get fucked and leave already!!! GEEZ


Anonymous said...

Like ya blog bout your tattos. Good luck with them. Ive been thinkin on getting one too!

Diesel Fan,

Anonymous said...

P.S. I forgot to tell you good luck in the work you'll have this summer and keep us posted on it!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Diesel.
You are so damn hot and cocky.
FUCK me! aaaaah.

Rob said...

Hey looked great at IML....and in your films. Thanks. My Daddy is lookin for a great tat artist in NYC or Philly who works well with black skin. You recommend ur man? Hook us up?
Daddy's boy

wisottertail said...

i love the new tats, SIR! i agree with rob's comment: YOU looked fantastic at IML! Is there any chance that YOU could post YOUR appearance schedule so YOUR fans might know where YOU are? i'm betting a lot of us would show up to see YOU in person! Thanks!

Diesel fan,