Thursday, June 07, 2007


Hey guys I'm back again for another posting I don't know what to say people? I have been busy and I have gotten the word that I will be working soon(thank you). Seems that the schedule will be alittle busy until mid Jul. Also on the traveling front I will be heading to Florida(no promises as of yet)so stay tuned for that. When I have more of the info I will post it and talk more in depth about it.
Lets get to the article on Crossing the Line Cop Shack 2 check out this month Unzipped magazine. They have a great article and review of the Movie. I'm excited because this is my first magazine. Its a five page spread so check it out and they got some really good pics of me. Its so surprising that I filmed this movie last year and it has received so much attention in the last month. Since this is the Entertainment business, people always base Ur talents on Ur last movie. Since my breakout role in Folsom Filth, I wanted to follow the movie with another great performance. Going from Leather god to Cop was a good move(I think)and the movie is doing very well. To follow up Cop Shack 2 I filmed Boiler which is my First one on one scene(always filmed three ways four ways)so I stepped up the game in this one and got alittle piggy in this movie. From reading online it seems that Boiler is catching on(Finally) So my Resume is quite good to this point. What I'm trying to say is that I'm proud of my work and Finally I have the chance to Improve and show more of my talent. Moving on.....
House of Blues was amazing, we were scheduled to be there to perform(well be dancers on stage)with another Artist called Royal Lush(House Music)he is a house singer and when we got on stage we just ripped up the house. I was dancing on stage with Rick Van Sant(who has an amazing ass) and just got alittle freaky on stage and brought some energy to the performance. I had a great time again out in Chi Town and I will remember the great time I had when I read this blog(when I'm 50)all the amazing people I have met and all the friends I made along the way. Thanks to Leatherpost for sponsoring us and showing us a great time check out the gear they really have some great stuff(cant wait to wear more of their goods) Again check out I say hands down we have some of the Hottest Exclusives by far of any company. Glad to be apart of the business right now!!!
Well that is all I have to write for today I have more posts to write. I recently got inked again so I have pics to put up about that so stayed tuned.

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