Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Well I don't have much to say.... but I want to say thanks to JAMESJAMES for his great pics of me at the past IML event.
Moving on..... I have alot to tell ya about San Fran. But bear with me for a bit, I have been gone about 1week and have to get the house back in order. Although I will say Titan made my stay in San Fran very comfortable. Big shout out to Brian Mills, Ed Vincent, Bear Cub, Jeff and the rest of the crew. Extra Shout out to Keith Webb(u had me laughing the whole time at Pride Parade) And the Biggest Shout out of All Bruce Cam!!! The Man is funny as hell!!! I never really had much one on one time with Bruce Cam (Titan President)and when I had the chance to talk to him, he was open, down to earth, and very frank(all qualities I admire) There are alot of things happening people, I don't want to go into details now.
I just wanted to tell ya that I have some great stories to tell ya and that my schedule is going to be alittle tight at the moment. I will be back in San Fran Jul 7- 13 and then to Fort Lauderdale for the Rentboy Pool Party so come check that out!!!
Be Patient.... I was filming some slamming scenes for ya to see Diesel Washington in a far different light(Player) but more importantly Big Shout out to my Scene partner Steven Ponce(that's right former Lucas exclusive!!)I made the boy work for every penny!!! Great boy, sweet and very charming. To be more fair, Brain Mills(Snowflake LOL)Ur eyes, Ur vision Ur willingness to listen to my input on how the sex should occur between the models, an admirer of Ur work and working with ya is always a pleasure. I know this sounds like the Shout Out Blog today.... but I met so many interesting people I wanted to start out by giving props to my Titan Family first.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know whats happening to you. I like the pic that ya person did for you. Ya look good still!

Ya Fan,