Friday, June 29, 2007


Okay folks, I have some plugging to do again, I will be at the rentboy pool party event(that should be good) So check that out. I will also be back at my Part time job shortly I have taken some time off just to enjoy the summer but I have been getting "Special" requests so look forward to Diesel being back on the working front.
I'm hitting the gym harder then ever!! My workouts have been the most intense ever and every part of my soul is hitting the weights. Now this sounds way way way intense!!! And it should, I was given the green light for next weeks scene with


Moving on....... I'm having fun and the weather is great ........LOL
San Fran was great, I really had a great time. Now the dirt, I was out in San Fran for 1week and it was crazy. After the long film schedule(which I got into way too much)I relaxed and then made some appearance around town and soaking up the energy. I went to UnderWorld out in San Fran(underwear party) Its a big club event and it was throw by the guys at Naked Sword it was cool. People just walking around in their drawers and tight whiteys nothing big. When Ur used to being naked on a set for hours on end butt naked with hard ons u get used to people being naked and fucking around ya.
After that party I had to go and check out some signings that was going on in the city. Every studio pushed their boys in appearances so I had to check some of the gigs. Mind ya I didn't have my camera at the time (a friend needed it for a show) so basically I had no pics of the entire trip. So in saying that I will skip alot of details cause all u people want to hear is about the fucking going on out there.
I only fucked one kid out there, now that doesn't seem like alot. I was working in the beginning of the week and filming the fucking scenes, by Friday I was worn out and tired. So sex was the last thing that was on my mind. So by Saturday I had some energy to party and have some fun. While in San Fran I had a chance to see the city and just walk around and feel the vibe and enjoy myself.
I guess the highlight of the trip was to be able to hang with Bruce Cam and Keith Webb, I haven't had the time to break the Ice with the Big Boss guys. It was good to hear the pitfalls of being a Porn star and after getting out of the business how u adjust to normal life. Basically the same way I have been carrying myself is the way I will end my journey of the Porn Star. Its a lonely gig, but... life is never easy and I have to keep pushing and pushing to be better in everything I do. Relationships are hard any way so hearing what to expect in the long haul of everything is comforting. Porn is not pretty, and being linked to doing Porn in some cases can really hurt ya. But I have a Life that I enjoy, that is what is different about me, I complain sometimes that I cant go out and enjoy myself at clubs. But I'm really tired of the club scene, so makes sense that I should get paided going to clubs. I have been a bouncer at a club, stripper, performer and patron at this point in time I want to get paided nowadays.
OOOOh I'm skipping way too much. Bruce and Keith are very down to earth, I'm alittle harsh, outspoken, and loud which can rub some people wrong. Oddly enough we got along quite well... I'm used to the Hollywood talk, and this is a business, I always remember that. Every Boss talks that Hype "I'm going to make ya into a Star" and I guess that is what alot of people want(Me included) I basically stated that I wanted to be the Biggest Star around bah bah bah and the usual" We are going to do this, and We are going to do that for ya"was the response. What made this session different was that they were open to talking about the downfalls and pitfalls. Most Bosses would paint and gloss everything as great and the porn life is so great. And to be honest, if they talked that way to me(everything is rosey)I would have probably just sat there and ate and just kept to myself unless I was asked a question.
So basically we talked about my future with the company, and I got to ask every question that I wanted to ask. Then the fun part, Keith had some business to attend, so Bruce and I had a chance to walk through the crowd at the Civic Center(Pride Celebration). The place was packed with people, and this is where it gets fun. When I walk around crowds I stalk out the hot people with my eyes, usually when I see someone hot, I approach and get my Mack on. Bruce was my wing man, it went from Bruce Cam President of Titanmen to Bruce Cam my Wing man(so funny)without giving away too much info, Bruce has the eyes of a Hunter. Sure He runs an Adult Film Company, so of course u look for more talent, but he also has eyes for non talent(personal fucks I call them). So it went from talking only about work, to another subject "Who would ya Bang the Fuck Out Of" and the Ice was totally broken. THANKS AGAIN BRUCE!!!
So yeah, I know I have more stories to tell ya but without Pics why bother?????
All u guys come to my Blog for Pics not some bullshit stories Right??????


A fan in S. Florida said...

I'm so glad you're going to make more videos. I love your scenes. Francois is a lucky guy!

Anonymous said...

Ya thinking of leaving the porn buisness now? If you do, I surely will miss you. When will this dvd be out you did with Francois? Have you ever been in Kanas?


Angel Benton said...

We love the "bullshit stories" just as much as the pix! See you in Fort Lauderdale!