Sunday, December 21, 2008


I thought it was time to address this...... The Angry Black Man thing.......

Can U People give me a break...... I'm not always fact I'm always laughing and joking on the sets that I'm on.... I'm one of those Porn stars who cant work on a Set that is too professional and formal. I enjoy my work... so I come to the set to have fun and act like a little kid.... That doesn't mean I'm not focused on Set... just means that I'm not going to be all serious on set and I will enjoy myself as much as I can....

If I'm not laughing on Set then there are problems..... Sometimes People take the filming part so serious!!! I cant take it serious because its a movie!!! Its not real, the words are scripted, the action is rehearsed and planned. If u don't enjoy Ur work...then why do it???? Right???

Back to the Angry Black Man.......... I'm not playing a stereotype, or Role. I'm just being Diesel Washington.... So I'm getting tired of the finger pointing..... People saying I don't smile, or I'm not very Nice....My looks don't say Innocent, Friendly or People person, so I get work by Looking Mean and Aggressive I'm fine with that..... but given a chance to step out of the Box I will take it in a Heart beat ie 'DOUBLE STANDARD' I played the character far from Diesel the Mean as possible.

Another reason for not being all smiles...... Growing up a child I never did the full toothy smile for cameras. To be honest, I used to get teased alot for the Gap in my teeth. Yeah some People think the Gap is sexy.... back when I was growing up.... It was "Why U have that Big Gap in Ur Teeth???? Ur mother never put braces on ya???" So since I was teased alot I never really liked to smiled alot.

More so, I think I look corny smiling....... When I look at a Pic of a Hot guy smiling, the first thing I ask myself "Why does this guy have a shit eating grin on his face????? Why is He so happy??"

Shit there is a recession going on, I don't need to smile to that shit crap!!!

Lastly on the smiling thing, I have tried to take Pics before smiling and its always the same result, Its a forced smile or laugh, it doesn't come off it doesn't seem real. I remember one time at Titan, I told Brian Mills I need some pictures with me smiling because the Fans are demanding it. We took a few shots, and I looked at every Pic with me smiling and it all looked fake and forced. I don't want to fake it or force it... so to be safe I would smile with my mouth closed or smirk...

I took karate(brown belt) and boxing for many years.....I had alot of fights and sparring..........I remember my coach telling me something so important and I remember the saying every time I'm on a Set. "A Closed Mouth gathers no Fists"

And as far as the Diesel Character at personal appearances......... I'm not going to smile and be like Come Y'all and Hither. That is not his character or persona... I want to be intimidating yet sexy at same time..... It takes a strong person to come up to me and strike up a convo.... which is what I like... If Ur scared of me then probably we wont hit it off very well, cause I tend to overlook shy people.

At the same time I don't deal with Overly aggressive people as well!!! Now while I like seeing the Fans and taking pictures with them.... If I have been standing up all day on my feet don't expect me to be happy and smiling all the time.

Sometimes I think People are just too demanding.......... I try to take as many pictures with Fans as possible, I cant have long in depth conversations with People cause there are other people waiting for their chance as well.... I'm prone to having Bad days and Good Days like everybody else.....

I can promise one thing to the Fans....... I love taking Pictures with the Fans....I will go out my way to take pictures..... When I started in this business... the first promise I made to myself was I would take pictures with anybody that wanted to take pictures with me!!! A picture is worth thousand words.... more than any autograph, or hug or kiss..... So have Ur camera ready!!!

Lastly Can We kill this Angry Black Man thing??????Geez we have a Black President already!!! The Angry Black Man is dead!!! it has been for years.......

I don't even know who came up with that term " The Angry Black Man" probably the same people that came up with "White Trash" and "Wigger". No I don't have years of repressed anger with White People geez.... that is so stupid!!!! Nor am I angry at the so called "Man" holding me down!!! this is retarded!!!

And I guess it doesn't make sense to people watching Porn, that when Ur Hammering away at some ass that it looks alittle stupid to have a full smile when Ur plowing someones ass the way I do!!!! Just doesn't happen that way!!!!

Now to the People who will continue to call me the "Angry Black Man" go out and buy or rent "Double Standard" I smile in that one, laugh, and feed my bottom fruit, being all romantic and sexy!!!

I play the Mean roles very well, its called acting....... Maybe I'm doing too too good job of it...

When a Studio wants to hire a Smiling Diesel, showing all his teeth and want me to have that shit eating grin, then I will do it more.... But for now, the Industry loves a Mean yet Funny Diesel... and that's what I'm giving them!!!

So Please Haters find something else to hate on..... hating on me cause I look mean.... is Old. Come Up with something else???? Get on the Scar on my Forehead.... Or maybe my Yellow teeth(another reason I don't smile) Or how I say "There U Go!!!" in almost every scene that I'm in. Or maybe my skinny legs compared to rest of my body..... Or my Thick Bush between my legs, something else besides, The Angry Black Man bit..... PLEASE???

There u go another blog by Diesel Washington aka "The Angry Black Man"


Kristie~ said...

You are an amazing looking man no matter what people try to say. You have a fANTASTIC body and your face is very nice. I loved the behind the scenes from Redlight because it showed you laughing and playing and having a good time. I love your voice and I think you are a fantastic performer. If I saw you in the street, I would so walk up and talk. You seem like a cool guy. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mate,

Come on thats rubbish about your smile...its one of the things I liked about u the 1st time I saw you on your blogg....Red Light shorts are the 1st "movie" I've seen you in btw..Liked it...Always!! liked your smile, really surprising to read what you said...when u are relaxed its just a plan good one..Rgds Laurie

Anonymous said...

Hope I get a chance to meet you as you next year if can get over to the USA.....Enjoy your blog and what I get to see of your character and the man behind it all...Rgds...Laurie

Anonymous said...

Even though I have seen pics of you smiling, and you look good and genuine, your sexier pics are when you are not smiling. But I am one who focuses less on your face and more on that thick black bush between your legs.